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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Now he apologizes

I'm sure you remember the media hysteria over farmed salmon a while back. Well, the scientist responsible for that particular piece of junk science hype is now apologizing for the losses he caused. Somehow I doubt this will get the media coverage that the original cancer scare got, but kudos to this Sottish paper for digging into the militant green background that funded that hit piece:

We discovered that, far from being an independent, un­committed organisation, Pew worked as publicists and financers for militant “green” groupings across the world. In January, it was the turn of the Scottish fish farming industry to be on the receiving end of their black propaganda.

Since then our revelations and our scepticism about Pew have been thoroughly vindicated. The level of incompetence involved in the research process was awesome — they did not know, it transpires, where the salmon they were testing came from. They did not even know whether it was wild or farmed.

Dr David Carpenter himself has admitted that Pew Charitable Trust were on a mission. “There may be some legitimacy,” he said, “in saying the reason they chose to fund this study was that they had another ­agenda well beyond the health effects.”

I wish the media had half the skepticism for militant green organizations that they have for private companies.

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