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Saturday, November 20, 2004


A video file from Radio Côte d'Ivoire Internationale purports to show French troops firing on civilians. The link arrives via Solomonia, one of whose reader's writes:

This is a rather large file and the scenes are brutal BUT the atrocities committed by French troops in the Ivory Coast is real proof of what liars and hypocrites the French really are. If you have the stomach to watch this, please do and forward it to every French person on they planet for them to see that when they talk about Iraq, what their own soldiers are doing to innocent Africans!

The file is ten minutes long, includes graphic imagery of wounds inflicted and is extremely disturbing. These are not the on-again-off-again "civilians" of jihadist Fallujah but apparently unarmed demonstrators at least one of whom is injured in the back. At one point a spontaneous chant of what sounds like "USA! USA!" springs up and at the very end once French troops have left the scene a United Nations vehicle is set alight. This video is important not only in itself but as yet another example of what our media chooses not to show us. We are being lied to.

Cross-posted to Ghost of a flea.

Update: It turns out my remarks in the comments section were mistaken. Here are the first and second half of the full video.

Update: Stygius offers commentary and expresses reservations about the editing of the film clips.

They are fairly unreliable videos. What I think can be concluded, though, is that at least a few people were hit by bullets fired by French soldiers near a peacefully demonstrating crowd of Ivorian civilians. Apparently, one soldier reacted angrily to something, and at least two other soldiers started firing when he did. I also think it is possible that one soldier may have fired directly into the crowd at one point.

AP Wire reports incitement of mob violence on Ivorian radio and television. There is a broader context to the violence represented in these video clips. The fact remains the sum total interest and outrage among the usual suspects in the West is zero.

Update: The blogosphere is on the job as Freewillblog reportedly offers a compressed version of the video file (via Instapundit, whose linkage may be giving Freewillblog's server heartburn).

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Any bets the French get away with this or at least the MSM leave them alone? Remember some years back when the French sank a Greenpeace vessel and so little was made of it. Imagine if those bad Americans were caught doing this.

Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-20 7:58:58 PM

Flea I cannot believe what I saw. I have never seen anything so brutal and cold blooded.

Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-20 8:24:13 PM

That is a tricoleur on the APC we see leaving the scene and the only people with guns appear to be in or on the armored vehicles so I think we can be confident the crowd was indeed fired upon as has been reported. What we are not shown is the context of the shooting itself though it is difficult to conceive of what could possibly justify firing into the crowd.

There was yet another demonstration against the democratization of Iraq in Ottawa yesterday. I will not hold my breath for protest in front of French diplomatic missions around the world.

Finally, "Imagine if those bad Americans were caught doing this." Well, it is a grim parlour game now to figure out how the French government, the street protestors and the MSM blame the actions of French troops on the United States, Israel, Walmart, etc.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-11-21 5:20:56 AM

Post this in every forum and blog you know of. I've hit...


and my own site Conservative Life so far. Still going. If anyone has bandwidth to spare download it and host the file.

Posted by: ferrethouse | 2004-11-21 11:16:06 AM

Flea apparently there is a part one to this video which I am unable to download. Thats according to the LGF site.

Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-21 12:38:21 PM

Ferrethouse: you kick ass!

MikeP: the first file linked by LGF is only the tail end of the larger file I have linked here. LGF's updated link is to this larger file. I think it is important to watch the full ten or eleven minutes to get as much context as is possible.

Without the camera on the scene and high-bandwidth internet I doubt we would ever have learned about this incident. The idea that the French government is engaged in real colonialism and actual racism in cahoots with the that parliament of dictators - the United Nations - does not fit the script our government and media elites need to stay in power.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-11-21 2:24:25 PM

And as an update... a comment left at my cross-posted link at the Flea suggests that Ferrethouse' concern about bandwidth is well founded. Anyone who can offer an alternative host would, I am certain, be much appreciated by the people of the Ivory Coast.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-11-21 2:28:02 PM

"I can't help but wonder if you subhuman pieces of filth are actually outraged because civilians were shot or that it was the French doing it."

Oh, silly 'tard, I'm sure that you blame Bush everytime the terrorists kill civilians in Iraq instead of putting the blame on the **GASP** terrorists, so why should we take your claim to having the moral "high ground" seriously?

Robert is a liberal, knee-jerking asshat that trolls frequently on the conservative blog circuit. I've seen him trolling at Annika's blog(www.annika.mu.nu) before. BTW, you guys kick ass.........

Posted by: reagan80 | 2004-11-21 4:14:46 PM

"I do have one or more imposters who like to post under my name on right whinge blogs."

Do you think Rob't's ever had anyone ask him about a little megalomania problem? I mean, is "Robert McClelland" sort of the left-whinge blog version of Alan Smithee, the pseudonym Hollywood directors use when they're embarassed by the film being released?

Or is it simply a case of multiple personalities? The Three Faces Of Rob't - that kind of thing?

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-11-21 6:17:03 PM

Flea I am not surprised that the MSM hasnt touched this story but I am kinda suprised that Drudge hasn't mentioned it even as developing. Also could it be that this happened a while ago because one site where I tried to download had a date of November 10 in front of it??

Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-21 7:23:22 PM

I just checked the CBC, CTV, Global and BBC websites. There is no mention of this. Bizarre. I noticed that Drudge had not picked this up as well. Usually this is right up his alley. No metion on Instapundit or PowerLine either.

Posted by: Greg Staples | 2004-11-21 8:05:23 PM

Greg yeah it did get a mention on Instapundit. Very brief though, just wished there was a reporter on the ground.

Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-21 8:09:40 PM

Thanks for the heads up Mike. I jumped the gun on Instapundit. He actual just posted again on the issue.

Posted by: Greg Staples | 2004-11-21 9:05:13 PM

"No you haven't. I've never heard of that blog nor have I ever been there. I do have one or more imposters who like to post under my name on right whinge blogs."

This isn't your post? Are you sure about that?


Posted by: reagan80 | 2004-11-22 8:20:14 AM

Robert McClelland:

"Trailer trash"

Believe it or not people who don't belong to the liberal elite hold valid viewpoints too.

The difference between this situation and the one in Iraq is plain and simple. The Iraqi SOLDIER who was shot in Iraq had been shooting at the American soldiers moments before.

Read this Robert and you will be better appreciate what the soldiers are up against.


And please add a level of maturity to your responses.

Posted by: ferrethouse | 2004-11-22 8:23:27 AM

Robert MacClelland, you really should have watched the reports on the francophone networks on this one. These were out and out massacres and the outrage among West Africans is such that France may well be about to leave the continent for good.

They've been holding these small countries hostage ever since "de-colonisation" dominating their economies, hoarding the agricultural products and impoverishing the locals. Yet France has never been taken to task for this naked, neo-colonialist exploitation.

The point you miss is this; France pontificates and complains that U.S. intervention in Iraq is illegal for want of official U.N. approval, and yet they'll gleefully do as bad or worse.....as soon as the world is distracted.

Your blind spot, Robert, sports a whiff of Old Spice......and Appalachia.

Once ya get a brain, I'll get ya some shoes, OK?

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2004-11-22 12:10:17 PM

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