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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Calvert's Cuba - A Theme Park

As Eastern Europe struggles out from under the economic policies of Marxism, and China races towards free market capitalism, while old Europe staggers towards reform under the increasing burden of welfare state entitlements and "red state" voter blocks in the US grow with increasing middle-class prosperity... Saskatchewan finds itself presented with a unique opportunity.

We can become a world leader in Econo Tourism. Think theme park.

First, we must request our status as a Canadian province be revoked, and ask for new designation as a World Heritage Site - a "living museum" for failed political experiments. With fewer and fewer regimes to use as educational tools for the business and political leaders of the future, .Saskatchewan can fill a need.

For $15 a head, "econo-tourists" can board authentic government-owned STC buses and delight in the province's features ... "to your left, ladies and gentlemen, is a defunct government potato company, and scene of a multi-million dollar lawsuit and settlement ... the remnants of a small shovel mark the spot of an ethanol plant never built ... there, on the horizon, is an oil "pump jack". The government demonstrated for decades - against all odds - how to keep this commodity from being pumped to the surface. There is more uranium than any other jurisdiction on the planet, but the NDP have successfully prevented its transformation into electrical energy.. the cars that are meeting us on this trail are heading to Alberta. Saskatchewan's top export are future business leaders and educated young professionals."

With the leadership of Lorne Calvert and the Saskatchewan Government Employees Union, Saskatchewan can play a unique role in the world. Benign, well behaved, absent a military - we pose no threat to our neighbors - the ideal political science exhibit for others to study and learn from.

The latest step in this eventual transformation - the Calvert government is considering a prohibition on hiring of new part time employees, through forced implementation of seniority rules for all private business. This really shouldn't come a surprise. The NDP is not a party in the usual sense of the word - it's the political wing of organized labour.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix:

Province considers part-time seniority rule

Saskatchewan is once again considering regulations that would mandate employers to give any extra hours of work to the part-timer with the highest seniority level.

But Larry Seiferling, a labour lawyer with the Chamber of Commerce, doesn't like the idea. He says if it is adopted, Saskatchewan would be the only jurisdiction in North America to have such a regulation and companies would leave.

Labour Minister Deb Higgins says she hopes to have a set of workable regulations ready for discussion by the end of the year. 

An idea whose time has come.


Are you listening, Lorne Calvert? Let's get Sask Tourism on this project.

Posted by Kate McMillan on November 25, 2004 in Canadian Provincial Politics | Permalink


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Man, just when I think Ontario is f**ked up...

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-11-25 2:17:11 PM

Hilarious! There's still an NDP provincial party in power? Why? Haven't they done enough damage throughout the years.
The tour would have to include the Canadian Wheat Board.

Posted by: Angela | 2004-11-25 2:48:52 PM

Angela--Read a newspaper sometime, maybe even the National Post (distributed free in all kinds of places since most people won't pay for it). In between assaults on the Wheat Board, you might learn a) farmers have voted for it; and b) the name Gary Doer.

Rick McGinnis--Stay in Ontario. I left Eastern Ontario two years ago to move to Saskatchewan, where my family and I have discovered the mythical creature known as the "family doctor."

Viva la Revolucion!

Posted by: Stephen Moore | 2004-11-26 12:11:16 AM

What a bizarre post. Kate, what are you talking about?

Sask is currently one of only three "have" provinces, and it's debt/lending rating is double-A (ahead of Ontario and Quebec).


Posted by: k | 2004-11-26 9:09:33 AM

Kate, great idea, but as the other commenters have hinted at, Ontario could be the premier Potemkin Village attraction of North America. It will be called EPCONT, the Experimental Prototype Community of No Tommorrow.

As you enter the theme park through the gates of Queens Park, the unions are perched on the top of the building like a certain 800-ton gorilla from Skull Island.

At the Duelling Dragons attraction, Dalton McGuinty and John Tory rage and roar at each other, and pretend that there is actually a difference between their beliefs and policies.

Spiderman swoops down at the climax of the Stunt Spectacular, and wraps up the last remaining private businesses in unbreakable cobwebs of punishing legislation.

The official theme park shops will sell you any kind of liquor or beer that you want, except on dates and times when people actually want to consume it.

You board a boat to tour the Living Off the Land pavilion, in which you are shown exhibits demonstrating how to grow dope hydroponically, and how to butcher and freeze jacked deer.

In Space Mountain, you are led into a vast, dark and completely empty dome, and told that the benefits from all that tax money that was stolen from you, are "in there somewhere".

Splash Mountain is where the trap door is pulled out from under you, and you end up as broke, mad, and stupid-looking as a wet hen.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2004-11-26 11:55:09 AM

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