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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush = Hitler

Is there any doubt that during George W. Bush's visit to Canada this week, that some moron protester will be parading around with a Bush = Hitler sign. Of course that person is free to make any comparison they wish, but do they actually realize how foolish it is to compare Bush to Hitler. In my opinion, any person carrying such a sign immediately discredits themselves from any relevant position that they may be protesting about. So what's the point?

Surely, no matter how much this type of person hates President Bush, they must know how absurd this comparison is, and must be doing it just to grab a little bit of the protest's spotlight for themselves. I would hope that is the case anyway, otherwise it would be scary to think that an individual could be that much in the dark about history and current affairs.

Some of the Bush = Hitler crowd even have the gall to ramble off a couple of vague references about how Hitler, pre 1939, and Bush are so much alike. But couldn't anybody do a little research and come up with a couple of similarities between most leaders and/or countries through out history.

It just doesn't make sense to me. Do you see conservatives marching about in Ottawa with Paul Martin = Stalin signs? Sure many of us disagree with some of the things that our Prime Minister does, but we seem to have better sense then some of the ones on the political left do. For some reason we don't feel the need to indulge in protests for show, where we must act foolish to get noticed by the media.

Whatever short comings Paul Martin or George W. Bush have, they don't deserve to be compared to two of the biggest mass murders of all time. So why do it? That is what baffles me about some of these protesters, how they can't comprehend the stupidity of their actions. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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"Is there any doubt that during George W. Bush's visit to Canada this week, that some moron protester will be parading around with a Bush = Hitler sign."

Have you actually seen this, or are you just speculating?

I agree that anyone who compares Bush to Hitler knows nothing at all about Hitler.

Posted by: Russil Wvong | 2004-11-30 5:18:24 PM

Okay, on my Reuters photo feed here at work, I'm looking at a telephoto shot of protesters in Ottawa - a wall of signs and people, with such big hits as "Do weapons in space make you feel safe?", "Defend Fallujah - stop the attack now!" and "War criminals are not welcome in Canada."

And there, in the middle, is a sign with a picture of Hitler, and a picture of Bush with a Hitler moustache drawn on him, and the legend "BIG BROTHERS est. 1932". The reference is obscure, but the message is plain - Bush = Hitler.

So there. Caught on camera.

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-11-30 6:30:21 PM

I did have a little fun with cafepress earlier this year when I made a very offensive T-shirt comparing Canada's left and centre parties to the Nazis. And once upon a time the UofA Gateway got downright nasty insulting me in public when i submitted an article (which they never published, of course) pointing out that Jorg Haider in Austria was criticized for promoting Hitler's policies whilst Jean Chretien got off scott free for ENACTING those same policies.

Posted by: Lars Ormberg | 2004-11-30 6:31:08 PM

Russil, you asked for one, here it is:


Posted by: David Crawford | 2004-11-30 6:36:01 PM

Russil, here's the source document Tim Blair got it from (4th picture down):


Posted by: David Crawford | 2004-11-30 6:42:30 PM

The richest irony of that photo being that the image below the Bush part of the equation appears to actually be Condi Rice (look closely and it appears to be her holding a howitzer). So it's not just Bush that's on par with the Fuehrer, but a black woman. Why not go all out and stick Wolfowitz on there too and make the crime against history a perfect one?

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2004-12-01 1:58:07 AM

Thanks, Rick and David.

"That is what baffles me about some of these protesters, how they can't comprehend the stupidity of their actions."

Human stupidity is unlimited, I'm afraid.

Posted by: Russil Wvong | 2004-12-01 10:54:48 AM

By the way, for anyone reading this who _doesn't_ know much about Hitler and Nazi Germany, and who wants to know more, I'd suggest reading William Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany" (1959). Shirer was there, working as a journalist.

Another recommendation, from Louis Halle's "The Cold War as History" (1967):

"From the beginning of the 1930's to almost the end of 1962 the populations of the West lived continuously in a terrible fear. The general economic breakdown of 1929-1930, which foreboded the breakdown of the social order everywhere, was followed by the rise of Hitler and the Japanese war-lords, to the point where it no longer seemed possible to stop them. The terrors of World War II were followed by those associated with the prospect of an imminent general breakdown of civilization and the obliteration of all that made life worth living, or even possible, under the Muscovite tyranny that was spreading from the East. The emotion of fear is not easily recaptured, and now a new generation is growing up that, one hopes, will be spared the experience. However, for those of the new generation who want to know, and for some of their elders who want to recapture the brooding terror that lasted for some thirty years, I recommend J. R. R. Tolkien's trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings", Boston, 1954-1956, which enshrines the mood and the emotion of those long years in which we, in the West, saw almost no possibility of saving ourselves from the intolerable darkness that was overspreading the world from the East."

One last note: in the photo posted by David, the swastika is backwards. The Nazi swastika was clockwise, not counterclockwise.

Posted by: Russil Wvong | 2004-12-01 11:22:19 AM

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