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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Without a Trace

Something happened yesterday which seems to have garnered approximately no attention amongst the Canadian commentariat (in which I include bloggers). Choosing which international organizations deserve attention can be a bit of a mug's game, but I've decided to arbitrarily give credence to Reporters Without Borders. And what did they have to say in their third annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index? Well,

Canada ranked 18th this year, down from 10th in 2003, on a media freedom index released this week by Reporters Without Borders. ... Reporters Without Borders (http://www.rsf.org) attributed the Canada's downgrade to three issues, including a police raid on the home of Ottawa journalist Juliet O'Neill over leaked information in a security case. Also cited were restrictive CRTC conditions on cable and satellite broadcasters who might want to carry the pan-Arab news station Al-Jazeera, and a decision not to renew the licence of Quebec City radio station CHOI-FM over controversial on-air remarks. The CHOI decision is being appealed.

So an independent and relatively well-respected group comes up with concrete examples of the deterioration of press freedom in Canada, and... other than the AP wire story I linked to above which the Toronto Star seemed to have automatically picked up on its website, so far as I can tell from some (limited) internet searching, nobody says a damn thing. Our governments appear willing to impinge on our right to freedom of expression, and one of the institutional guardians of that right appear not to be terribly interested in covering the manner in which they themselves are being compromised. So... who's zoomin' who?

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