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Monday, October 25, 2004

Paranoid News Alert

I should have appended this to my Spin the baby post, but it is actually a separate topic, at least I think it is.

On Thursday, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development--referenced in that post--is set to release its Economic Survey of Canada. I don't know what's in it, but I'll be sure to read the policy brief, which will be posted here.

Why? Because I'm waiting on my perch like a hungry cougar, paranoid Westerner than I am, for some foreign-based Liberal Party apparatchiks somewhere to release an "international study" that recommends our government develop a future-looking-coherent-federal-strategy-concerning-non-renewable-resources -like-fossil-fuels-that-is-consistent-with-our-international-committments -and-takes-into-account-the-scope-of-our-geography much like they have in these "Nordic countries we've studied." In other words, saying, but never using, the terms "National" and "Energy" and "Policy" and "Kyoto Accord" but amounting to pretty much the same thing, thereby giving Paul Martin some (completely bogus) ammunition to implement a wealth grab from Alberta.

Yeah, like I said, paranoid.

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The OECD survey will be the trigger for the annual fall parade of lamentations about our "poverty level", our income gap, the plight of children in Canada, and our general insufficiency of social programs.

Posted by: lrC | 2004-10-25 2:33:45 PM

I think your fears are well founded. They won't come in with something as direct as the National Energy Program, but they can put in a package of things that all work to the effect of taxing Alberta and subsiding other provinces. They can come in the form of steeper equalization payments, Kyoto premiums corrections of the "fiscal imbalance" and new caring, sharing social programs funded through taxes that just happen to be paid disproportionately by Albertans.

Posted by: Kevin Jaeger | 2004-10-25 9:08:14 PM

I'm getting jittery, too. Time to raise the "Homeland Tyranny Advisory Level" up to orange...

Posted by: Jay Jardine | 2004-10-26 6:37:40 AM

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