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Thursday, September 30, 2004

We just can't afford the NDP anymore

Comrade Jack Layton and his merry band of mama-statists have a plan to implement the Kyoto Protocol. Their wise counsel is to be made available to the Liberals free of charge. This is a very exciting development, because the Liberals were undoubtedly running short on ideas for overburdening taxpayers and fueling separatism in Alberta. Just in the nick of time. That's the great thing about socialists. When one stumbles a bit, loses sight of the overall goal of growing the hive, another zips in to shore up the collective. Brothers in harm. Undaunted by facts. Never quailing in the face of reasonable scientific opinion opposed to their quasi-religious quests.
Their jaunty slogan: "From each according to the limits of his endurance, to each according to our whims"

Occam’s Carbuncle

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The NDP is a rump... a useless talkfest.

Posted by: Jonathan | 2004-09-30 2:49:52 PM

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