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Friday, September 24, 2004

We are not amused?

From the editorial in this morning's [Vancouver} Province. Emphasis mine:

Thumbs Down. Make it a plethora of thumbs to televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, who sermonized in a Canadian-aired broadcast about killing any gay who might want to marry him. Swaggart says he was just joking. Well we rate in down there with jokes about bombs on airplanes. This sort of thing doesn't belong on our airwaves. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council might want to remind Swaggart of that.

It seems that the "ban jokes we don't like" meme that started with the CRTC targeting that Quebec radio station is gaining steam.

It strikes me as a bit silly that any newspaper would be calling for the government censorship of free speech. (Also, the paper belittles its own case by writing that jokes about bombs on airplanes, for goodness sake, is just as objectionable as what Mr. Swaggart said. Okay then, Airplane 2 is now banned in Canada!)

I may be making a "slippery slope" argument, but The Province should be careful about what it wishes for. The newspaper may get it some day, in the form of a government-run Canadian Newspapers Standards Council.

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