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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The CBC is a patronage dumping ground

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has actually done something useful -- they're out with a list exposing the political patronage at the administrative level at CBC and the CRTC.

According to Friends:

-- 92% of appointees [to the CBC presidency and its board] have been affiliated with the governing political party;

-- Only 21% of appointees have been women;

-- Only 3 of 152 appointees have been visible minorities or aboriginal people;

The report also takes aim at the CRTC, and notes that since 1968:

-- 83% of appointees to the CRTC were affiliated with the governing party;

-- 25% of appointees to the CRTC have been women, two appointees have been visible minorities and none have been aboriginal.

Interesting stats given all the talk from this country's literati about how the CBC is so "representative" of the Canadian reality. Obviously, that's a myth.


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