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Monday, September 27, 2004


An American Soldier:

If I am able to get out of the Reserves later this year, I am thinking about the idea of re-upping. However not in the Reserves, I am thinking of joining a Special Forces Group that is near me. However that entails joining the National Guard.


I know my resource can be used to help people.

My wife came to me after and asked me if I watched the video. I acknowledged her and she said: "You should just go, why don't you go back and help those people. Make it so people don't have to get killed anymore!" I just looked back at her and felt a sense of peace that I could go again and she would be ok. She would be ok because she knew I was helping people. She knows the consequences but yet she knows that no matter what, I would be helping, even if it was one person from not getting killed like that again.

So folks, with that said. I have placed a call with the person I would need to talk to.

Some people go through their entire life to try and find the reason for their existence. It was in that instance yesterday that I knew what mine was.

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In articulo mortis.

Posted by: gg | 2004-09-27 6:39:31 PM

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