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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Press Review

From today's edition of NORMAN'S SPECTATOR(where the articles are hotlinked).

In the US, two new polls show George Bush holding a solid lead heading into the first debate; lest this depress (the majority of) you, the race is tightening.

In the UK, leadership jockeying within the Labour Party is the buzz at the Party convention in Brighton .

In the Mideast, a CNN producer is likely being held either by Islamic Jihad or Hamas, though no one has claimed responsibility.

The Washington Post’s editorial board looks at the Iraq election. Richard Cohen looks at the US vote. David Ignatius looks at who’s winning the war.

The New York Times’ editorial board looks at barriers to student voting. Paul Krugman tells journalists what they should be looking for during Thursday’s debate.

Daniel Ellsberg explains the virtues of leaking documents, and wonders why this war has not produced any paper. David Brooks explains why democracy and elections matter--in Iraq and Afghanistan .

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board looks at tactics to boost Black voter turnout in the US. Brendan Miniter criticizes John Kerry’s latest position on Iraq .

The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board looks at the US election; another editorialist criticizes the Guantanamo tribunals. Robert Scheer won’t be voting for Bush.

Michael Keane explains the virtues of kidnappings and beheadings. Yusuf Islam (aka, Cat Stevens) recounts his ordeal.

At home, the National Post has the goods on the cat, in a news story that likely will attract international attention.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa , MPs are back at the trough and in Québec Claude Morin is back—he’s pleased Canada is ready for “asymmetric federalism” and proposes a referendum on the powers and rights that would put flesh on the bone.

The Toronto Star fronts Tim Harper’s report on the election race in the state of hanging chads. Bill Graham has more to say about missile defence--as does an anonymous American official, who will definitely get tongues wagging in Ottawa.

From Montréal, Miro Cernetig reports on the end of the Expos. The editorial board comments on Ottawa ’s refugee mess.

Jim Travers looks at the Arar mess-up. Stephen Handleman reviews hypocrisy at the UN. Tom Walkom explains why John Kerry is losing Minnesota .

The Globe and Mail fronts $50/barrel oil and MP’s 10% disappearing pay raise. Matthew Kalman reports on a medical advance in Israel; Mark MacKinnon reports from the Beslan school; Ingrid Peritz reports on a Montréal woman who helped her son commit suicide.

Inside, Stephanie Nolen reports from Johannesburg , Doug Saunders from London . Christie Blatchford reports on the UCC pederasty trial in Toronto .

Estanislao Oziewicz editorializes in his lead on behalf of a former Canadian diplomat who's been wrong about the Mideast before and likely is again.

John Ibbitson finds humour at the Gomery Inquiry in Ottawa , but says things could get serious if the sponsorship program involved kickbacks.

Roy MacGregor has a friend who longs for the Cold War; he should find a new crowd. On the comment page, Margaret Wente frets a possible sushi ban.

Jeff Simpson says that George Bush is the odds-on favourite to win; ideas once considered “extreme” are now mainstream Republican—a Party that is no longer part of the “liberal consensus”; good thing his family moved to Canada .

In a case of "You steal my editor, I steal your former publisher," the Globe publishes John Honderich, now of Toronto Mayor Miller’s team; he says big cities should get Ottawa ’s money. The editorial board reviews the performance of Canadian athletes at the Paralympics.

Another editorialist reviews Rathergate: “CBS's mishandling of the story from beginning to end gives plenty of ammunition to those who believe there is a media conspiracy afoot to topple President Bush. But it also puts a greater onus on all news organizations to ensure they have done their due diligence before going to press or air.”

The National Post fronts Cat Stevens' front, along with $50 oil and John Ivison on the 1973 cabinet documents released yesterday.

Inside, Don Martin writes, “If Alcock has half the brains I think he has, he'll convince the Prime Minister to honour his election promise and kill the MP pay hike. And then he'll do what's fair. He'll give the unions a basic cost-of-living contract and start the messy business of shrinking and steamlining a public service that's grown fat and inefficient.”

David Frum asks who will benefit if terrorists strike during the election campaign: “My guess, based only on instinct, is: Kerry. Bush claims to have made the country safer since 9/11.” (In the Ottawa Citizen, Andrew Cohen agrees.)

The editorial board says MP’s should vote on missile defence. Another editorialist attacks Jack Layton, who “took the stage in front of a huge picture of Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, then proceeded to compare the Tamil terrorist head to former South African president and civil rights leader Nelson Mandela."

Elsewhere in CanWest land, the Montréal Gazette fronts the “compassionate” mom who helped her son commit suicide.

The editorial board poops on the proposed MP pay raise and Québec speaking for Canada at UNESCO. Another editorialist says assisted suicide is not the better way.

In Edmonton, a candidate accused of buying votes with booze and smokes has withdrawn from the nomination race. The Calgary Herald editorial board says family law is biased in favour of women.

The Ottawa Citizen fronts inadequate defence budgets and more from the Arar Inquiry. The editorial board pans the proposed MP pay hike. Barbara Yaffe makes the case for helping Haiti .

In the Toronto Sun, Peter Worthington explains why George Bush is today’s Churchill. In Calgary , Paul Jackson is down on Ralph Klein and the federal Liberals.

In Edmonton , Neil Waugh looks at those high oil prices. In Winnipeg , Charles Adler touts two-tier health care.

In Ottawa , Val Sears writes about his health problems. Greg Weston comments on the healthy MP pay raise.

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