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Friday, September 24, 2004

My last pitch for the weekend about my book

I may have mentioned that Freedom Press (Canada) Inc. has published my book Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal. Here are five reasons you should buy this book if you haven't already.

5. Ezra Levant's introduction. He slaps around Chretien in 800 words, getting the former prime minister ready for the lacerating treatment he's going to get in the next 200+ pages. Ezra's introduction is worth the price of the book alone.

4. As Gerry Nicholls of the NCC said when he saw the original manuscript, he couldn't believe all the scandals he had forgotten about. We must not forget the patronage, broken promises, lack of ministerial accountability, abuse of power, pay-offs to friends and the petty, personal pursuit of power that is Chretien's true legacy.

3. Lawrence Martin's Chretien's biography cannot be allowed to stand as the only history of the decade of Liberal rule.

2. I have a family to feed (a wife, three kids, another on the way) and I would rather not spunge off taxpayers.

1. Support the embryonic conservative infrastructure that has been discussed over the past three months following Adam Daifallah's National Post column on the subject. Let me explain: Freedom Press (Canada) Inc is a small, upstart publisher that seeks to give a voice to new conservative writers. Canada needs a conservative publishing house. By purchasing Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal you are helping to secure its viability; your are helping to ensure Canada has a Spence Publishing or Encounter Books. Second, Freedom Press (Canada) Inc is hoping to advertise in The Western Standard, Canada's premier conservative magazine. It needs to recoup some of its expenses for design, layout and its first run before it can do that. If enough of you buy my book, the dead tree parent of this blog will get advertising dollars.

The deal I have mentioned previously where you don't pay S&H ends Sunday. If you pay over the internet, you'll get a $5 reimbursement check; if you send it by mail, date the cheque no later than September 26 and just pay the $26.99.

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Paul, I'll pick up a copy next paycheque. :-)

Posted by: Sean | 2004-09-25 8:23:24 AM

Paul, good for you to write this work. I will purchase a copy. I always wanted to write such a book about the worst PM since Trudeau. Perhaps Freedom House can imitate Regnery Press in the US - which outsells Liberal volumes by a great margin. I also write books and have one coming out on America vs. Europe - and the threat that statism poses to the US and to the world. Besides terror this is a main battle theme for the next century. Have you linked your work with the Conservative Book Club, or other on line book sites ? I have a list if you are interested but you are probably already busy doing that. Congrats on your book ! I hope you make a ton of money. CR

Posted by: Craig Read | 2004-09-25 9:09:12 AM

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