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Monday, September 06, 2004


Reuters reports that Senator John F. Kerry told a West Virginia audience that the "W" in Bush's name stood for "wrong -- wrong choices, wrong judgment, wrong priorities, wrong direction for our country." Anyone want to take a shot at what the "F" stands for?

Posted by Paul Tuns on September 6, 2004 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Flip-Flop. Right?

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-09-07 12:21:31 AM


Posted by: Tony | 2004-09-07 3:15:41 PM

Since we're on the topic, here's 50: fabled, fabricating, fabulous, facade, facetious, facsimile, faded, failure, fake, fallacious, faltered, fantasy, fatuous, faulty, fawning, feeble, feigning, fevered, fictional, filler, fingered, finished, flaky, flambouyant, flaunting, flawed, flickering, flippant, floored, fluff, fluke, flunked, foggy, foible, fool, frantic, fraudulent, fraying, frighteningly, frigid, frill, fringe, frivilous, fruitlessly, fumbling, fuming, furiouser, fussy, futile, and fuzzy.

Posted by: Tony | 2004-09-07 9:14:38 PM

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