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Friday, September 24, 2004

I'm sure he'll get a lot of support

A deserter from the U.S. military here in Canada is asking us Canadians to write in and support his claims of refugee status.

"I'm just asking for their support and hope that they'll pressure the government to allow me to stay because we believe that is what's going to cause them to allow us to stay - pressure from the public and public opinion," Hughey said.

"If there is enough pressure from the people, we believe the Liberals will have to allow us to stay."

He said he's hoping Canadians will get in touch with their MPs and write letters.

Well, we already let in families that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan and have close links to Osama bin Laden, why not soldiers who refuse to fight against those families? We could become the new home for terrorists and the people who refuse to fight them.

Read on.

Posted by Steve Martinovich on September 24, 2004 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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"If there is enough pressure from the people, we believe the Liberals will have to allow us to stay."

Isn't it incredible how quickly people learn about our pathetic political process and how to exploit it? And man, was the coverage in that story biased.

Posted by: Kelvin | 2004-09-25 12:22:58 AM

"He said he's hoping Canadians will get in touch with their MPs and write letters"

Great idea!

We should write in support of his deportation and jailing at Leavenworth for the next few years, his dishonorable discharge, and his working at some menial job for the rest of his life.

They even has websites: http://www.jeremyhinzman.net/

This is going to drag on for years.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-09-25 12:36:47 AM

Steve (and other Shotgun bloggers),
If you believe victory in the War on Terror is crucial for the survival of our civilization in the face of Islamic terror, enlist in the army and go fight the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here in our streets. You can go here, goarmy.com, to join the struggle. Would you have been blogging during the Second World War while your countrymen were fighting Hitler in order to protect your freedom(to blog)? Your family, country, religion, beliefs, and civilization call on you in this time of great peril to go to Iraq and fight the Islamofascists. In ten years time when your children ask what you were doing during the War on Terror, what are you going to tell them? That you were blogging about how evil the Moslems are? Or that you were in Iraq fighting the evildoers?
Show courage like our dear-commander-in-chief President Bush did thirty years in volunteering to go to Vietnam to defend his country because as you know, they were dreaming about one day possessing WMDs and Dick Cheney knew they had contacts with Al-Qaeda. Besides, things are going GREAT in Iraq. Its not as bad as the liberal media makes it out to be. Of course, there is one or two minor "problems" here and there but heck, downtown Baghdad is just as safe as downtown Oslo. You're going to LOVE it, especially Fallujah which is the "Palm Springs of the Middle East." Its a really lovely and sleepy town where the locals are very warm and welcoming.
Judging from you posts, I know y'all are up for the fight and ready to go fight the evildoers in Iraq. I can't wait for your postcards, especially from Abu Ghraib.
Onward Christian soldiers!!!!

Posted by: Pieter Mulder | 2004-09-25 12:50:53 AM

Well, Baghdad or Fallujah are safer than Toronto, but unfortunately Albertans have more pressing concerns at home.

You see, the price of oil is US$49 a barrel now, and the temptation is too great for the federal - corporate regime to resist raiding Alberta again. As much a threat Al Qaeda is to the world, and it truly is, Canada is the terrorist to the people of Alberta.

Our homes, families, jobs, and futures are directly threatened by Canada's greed. They claim to be "socially aware" but use the money they steal for luxuries, not necessities. Albertans refuse to be exploited for the luxury of a few. I will not lay down what I have worked so hard for, just so that some Toronto people can have some trinkets to show off.

My regrets to President Bush and the American people, but Alberta has its own terrorists to worry about. They're called Ontario people and Liberals, and both should be deported.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-09-25 1:38:32 AM


I'm as much against wealth redistribution as the next guy, but you sir are a disgrace to conservatism. Since you like terrorism analogies so much, let me put it this way: talk like that is as likely to endear Canadians to conservatism as an Osama bin Laden tape might convince Americans of the peacefulness of Islam.


You obviously supported leaving Saddam in power. Why didn't you take your own advice and join the human shields who went to protect him? Where were you when the bombs fell and deposed your hero? What will you tell your children when they ask, "Dad, how come you did nothing to keep Saddam's mass graves in production?"

Posted by: surly | 2004-09-25 2:12:10 AM

What did you do to put Saddam's mass graves out of business.

I really don't know what to say. To compare Onatians to terrorists! wow!......why exactly is it your money? what have you done to earn it?

Posted by: Pieter Mulder | 2004-09-25 2:40:25 AM


What the hell is your point? That one has no right to support an action in which one did not take part? If that's what you're saying, then may I suggest you stop typing on computers, since you did nothing to invent them? While you're at it, stop talking altogether, since I doubt you had anything to do with developing the English language.


Posted by: surly | 2004-09-25 5:11:22 AM

"If you believe victory in the War on Terror is crucial for the survival of our civilization in the face of Islamic terror, enlist in the army and go fight the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here in our streets"

I'd be willing to if it wasn't for two problems...

1. I badly injured my back in an accident some years ago and the fact that I'm able to walk now is considered a miracle. My back is wreckage and I know it -- there's no way I would meet military fitness standards.

2. I'm also betting that military fitness standards probably don't allow for people with bad hearts and cardiac pacer implants.

Believe me, I'd like to be over there with my cameras documenting the good work that the Canadians and Americans are doing.

I've written my MPs as was suggested in this post. I asked them to send this coward back home. Our country already has enough people who can't uphold their word in it without us taking on more.

Posted by: Sean | 2004-09-25 8:15:16 AM

I wrote about Hinzman a while ago.


This guy is a traitor as far as I'm concerned and he should be shipped back to the U.S.A. pronto. The fact that he's still here is a great example of just how sad our refugee board is. I like the idea writing letters to our MP's in support of his deportation.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-09-25 1:13:12 PM


Good idea about writing our MPs to suggest Hintzman's deportation.

However, I prefer the idea of having their MPs - the Military Police - come take him away to Leavenworth for the next few years.

These kids better like their time in Toronto - it'll be the last bit of freedom they'll ever have. The best part is they have no one but themselves to blame for it.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-09-25 3:25:46 PM

Well it is a nonsense that Canadian authorities offer deserters money, housing, health care and media sympathy. Politicians here should be more mature, understand that desertion IS a crime and ask the US Military Police to carry these 2 deserters back to the US for just punishment.
I read in the Globe a while back that some journalists were trying to arrange donations to their 'cause'. I saw one of these 'journalists' interviewed on Fox News. It was shameful. She maintains that Canada should welcome all deserters and that yes Canadians are anti-American. I forget her name, i will have to dig it up.

Posted by: Craig Read | 2004-09-25 4:20:52 PM

I appreciate your sentiments but in my defence I must say that I already was in the military (Canadian) where I served as an infantry recce patrolman (Reconnaissance Patrolling as it's officially called in the CAF), the non-elite version of what the U.S. Marines call a recon patrolmen. I applied several times to serve overseas but unfortunately our government and military believed sending administration and logistical personnel was more important than sending combat soldiers to potential combat zones.

If I wasn't 33 -- and my nation was actually interested in fighting alongside our friends -- I'd gladly join again. Given, however, that Canada wants to play no serious role in in the war against terrorism, I feel it rather pointless to go back in.

Posted by: Steve Martinovich | 2004-09-26 3:24:11 PM

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