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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Great marketing disasters (cont.)

I secretly rejoiced at Dairy Queen's delightful brush with racism, after they launched the curiously-named beige Moolate frozen beverage. I assumed that the chain had killed the concept after the after being unable to find any mention of it on their web site. Amazingly, I was at a DQ last week and it seems the mixed-race dessert is still on the menu.

But my admiration for DQ's political incorrectness was forgotten once I witnessed Kentucky Fried Chicken's new commercial for their big family meal offer. You may have seen it. The one where we hear the inner thoughts of family-round-the-table, each secretly hoping that no other member will want to take any of the one item they desire most: the kid hopes no one else covets the tater puffs, the dad hopes no one else plans on having a buffalo wing and mom apparently plans on eating a whole bucket of chicken on her own, because in her thoughts we hear her desperately hoping that no one else wants any of the colonel's original recipe bird.

And then there's grandma, who quietly croaks that her wish is to have to herself the "lovely hat." Pan out and we see granny wearing the KFC bucket on her head. Commercial for chicken or the Alzheimer's society? You decide.

Well, actually, it may be too late. Seems that someone else has decided for you. I recently spied the commercial again, and curiously, the whole point of the commercial, the "granny shot," if you will, had been clipped entirely. I don't know how significant the outrage really was, though I guess there was some. And KFC has many large and formidable enemies that seize on any opportunity to attack it. Still, when it comes to standing behind the lunatic ideas of your marketing department, the Dairy Queen clearly reigns supreme.

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I think DQ is a bit of an anachronism in the modern marketing world. Their clientele is tends more toward heartland folks who are nowhere near as politically correct as urban liberal yuppies.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they just ignored any whining about Moolatte, and don't consider it a marketing disaster at all. These marketing pushes pass and they'll be on to a new name soon in any case.

But that reminds me, I'll have to drop in at a DQ and try one of these drinks. Never miss a chance to provoke a thin-skinned whiner, I say.

Posted by: Kevin Jaeger | 2004-09-28 5:01:44 PM

Hm... I'm going to have to write KFC and threaten to boycott their restaurant until they restore granny's hat. Bastards.

Posted by: Sean | 2004-09-28 8:59:48 PM

That KFC ad was the only funny ad on TV. Anyone else notice how creepy the old lady's inner-voice was? I'm ruined withouth that ad - may the lord have mercy on us all.

Posted by: NIzzler | 2004-09-30 9:26:33 AM

Does anyone know where I can find a pic with granny wearing the bucket?

Posted by: Trevor | 2006-02-08 5:20:05 AM

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