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Monday, September 27, 2004

Don't use the "G" word

[cross-posted to Daimnation!]

Unlike those John Wayne types south of the border, we nuanced, intelligent Canadians aren't going to do something simplistic like calling the Darfur situation "genocide":

Despite evidence of war crimes in Sudan and crimes against humanity, Canada says it is still "premature" to describe the situation as genocide.

"We're supporting very strongly the Security Council resolution calling for an independent investigation of the possibility of genocide," Aileen Carroll, the Minister for International Cooperation, told CTV's Question Period on Sunday.

"And we're willing to stay with that -- at this time."

Carroll spoke to CTV from Khartoum, where she is leading a Canadian delegation to Darfur in the western part of Sudan.

When asked if Ottawa would echo the warning of U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and call the situation "genocide," Carroll stuck to a more nuanced diplomatic tone.

"The decision to use that word may still be premature," she said.

Isn't "soft power" grand?

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[sarcasm]It doesn't matter what we call it. As long as it's muslims that are doing the oppressing it's ok.[/sarcasm]
The comparison with Kosovo is obvious. When several thousand WHITE MUSLIMS die it is cause for immediate intervention. Apparently black "infidel" sudanese don't warrant the same level of response.

Posted by: Ian | 2004-09-27 6:01:07 AM

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