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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Paul, at Wizbang, catches an"expert" creating "proof" that the discredited TANG memos could have been produced on a typewriter, and has advice for him.

Here is a hint for the good Professor-- If you are going to forge documents DON'T LEAVE THE EVIDENCE on your webserver.

And if you don't think that TH nailed him, feel free to download the PHOTOSHOP DOCUMENT he was working on when he created the forgery.

Not only did he forge the document but he let the work in progress in an open web folder.

And Professor, if you are reading this- and I know someone will mail it to you, I have downloaded your entire website as evidence and I saved screen caps of it, so don't bother delete it. I also had an interesting phone call with the head of your department. You might give him a call.

The entire post is hilarious as the updates continue... the good professor trying to play catchup, editing his pages, adding disclaimers, while the blogosphere rolls over him like a skunk on the dotted line....

update - Wizbang does a little digging and finds a familiar name attached to the photoshopping professor - CBS producer Mary Mapes

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