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Sunday, September 26, 2004

All You Need is Love.....

Who knew that John Lennon fans were such ardent supporters of the death penalty??:

".... if Chapman is released after 24 years in prison, some Lennon fans have already threatened to take action. News of the parole hearing has spread on the internet and dozens of websites have been filling up with messages from fans around the world, many already promising to take revenge on the man who gunned down Lennon on 8 December 1980 as he arrived at his New York apartment building off Central Park.

'Chapman should be executed. I would gladly get rid of him myself,' wrote a fan from Finland on one website. Another fan has already set up an online petition to have Chapman's parole denied. It is already full of messages that show Chapman's safety outside jail would be difficult to maintain. 'If Mark David Chapman is let out of jail, he wouldn't last a day. There are too many people who want him dead,' wrote a New York-based female fan. "

I'm thinking of a new version of an old Lennon classic:

"all we are saying
let's kill him fast"

I suppose they are all wishing the crime was committed in Texas instead of New York now?


The Meatriarchy

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