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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Dragon Stirs

Go read James Joyner's Tech Central Station article.

When and if the Taiwan - Chinese situation boils over into full fledged crisis, the critics in the media are going to accuse Bush-Rumsfeld of being asleep at the wheel. That, my friends, will be something called "projection".

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Diesel-electric subs can be pretty darned quiet. I have it from reliable sources that even the old Canadian Oberon-class subs managed - on more than one occasion - to sneak into a U.S. carrier-group on exercise and line up a shot. Of course, they never would have gotten back out to open sea after launching a torpedo.

But crew concerns aren't really a Chinese priority, are they? Shoot first, survive later.

On a positive note, the Americans are Taiwan's biggest backer, and the Americans have pretty good attack-subs as well. By 'pretty good' I mean the best in the world (with apologies to the Brits). The best way to kill a sub is with a sub.

Still, as a sub captain you only have to get lucky once, and PRESTO! you've put a $4 billion-dollar piece of strategic weaponry on the bottom of the ocean.

Spooky stuff.

Posted by: Damian | 2004-08-03 12:45:10 PM

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