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Friday, August 27, 2004

Showdown in the riding of Vanier

There will be four provincial by-elections in Québec on September 20. Three of these four by-elections - the ones held in Montréal ridings - can almost be said to be decided in advance since they are being held in the Liberal strongholds of Nelligan and Laurier-Dorion or the Péquiste stronghold of Gouin.

However, the fourth one in the Québec City riding of Vanier will be quite interesting to watch. This riding had been won in the 2003 elections by Liberal star candidate Marc Bellemare who became Minister of Justice before he resigned this summer. But a CROP poll puts the Liberals in third place in the Québec City area with a support of 20%, compared with 27% for the PQ and 30% for the right-leaning ADQ. It should be noted that the Québec City area was the region where the Conservatives got their best Québec scores in the last federal elections and that the provincial riding of Vanier is within the federal riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent where Conservative candidate Josée Verner finished in second place with almost 14,000 votes and over 31% of the votes. The CRTC's attempt at silencing the CHOI radio station could also be a factor because the ADQ was the party that most spontaneously and loudly defended CHOI.

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