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Monday, August 30, 2004

RNC Bloggers Row

John Hinderaker (Powerline Blog), Roger L. Simon , and Tom Beavans - Realclearpolitics.
(Photo: Ed Morrisey)

Ed Morrisey of Captain's Quarters;

Former New York Mayor and "lifelong Democrat" Ed Koch paid a visit to Blogger's Corner and spoke about his support of George Bush.The mayor started off informally by asking us whether we would consider his weekly e-mail columns to be the equivalent of blogging, which we unanimously rejected. We think he'll be blogging in the next couple of months.


I've met Tony Snow from Fox, who immediately recognized my name -- which floored me. I'll report later on the breakfast with Matthew Dowd and the interesting speech and Q & A we had this morning.

Kevin Aylward has notified his Wizbang readers that text of his interview with Ari Fleisher is being prepared and will be up shortly.

Powerline also has a quick video of Radio Row and Bloggers' Corner. Some of the personalities present: Roger Simon, Ed Morrissey, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved and Gereralissimo Duane. Video here.

Blogs for Bush has lots of audio links and more.

RNC Bloggers (group blog).

Now, if there are any Canadian Conservative party members lurking about, would you please sit up and pay attention;

These bloggers are, in no small way, responsible for the recent downturn in the polls for John Kerry, through their relentless pursuit of the Swift Boat contraversy, keeping it alive, digging up documentation and expert military analysis when the mainstream media was avoiding it like the plague. They pushed past the major networks, the New York Times, WaPo and kept this story alive. Both the Democrats and Republicans have recognized the phenomenon of citizen journalism and news analysis and are finding ways to use it to their advantage - but for the Republicans, with the handicap of a predominantly Democrat leaning media - the importance of the internet cannot be "misunderestimated".

With a minority government, and the potential of another election over the horizon, the gatekeepers at the CBC, Globe, Toronto Star to contend with - I hope that someone in party headquarters is looking at finding ways to incorporate the Canadian blogosphere into the machinery of the Conservative Party.


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Although this violates all that I was taught about volunteering during my brief stint in the military: as a paid-up CPC member blogging in the wilderness, I volunteer to blog the policy convention that we may or may not ever get around to holding.

Of course, nobody in my riding association listens to me, let alone at the CPC Fortress of Solitude. (anybody else think they've hung a sign on the door that says "Gone Fishing - back in October" ?)

Posted by: Damian | 2004-08-30 3:26:18 PM

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