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Monday, August 30, 2004

Press Review

From today's edition of NORMAN'S SPECTATOR

In France , the papers lead with the latest hostage-taking in Iraq --two journalists in return for annulment of the anti-veil law. US papers lead with the huge demonstration in New York City on the eve of the Republican convention, which commands attention in the UK and around the world.

The New York Times’ editorial board has some words of advice for the locals and for the visitors. The Washington Post’s editorial board sets out its expectations. The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board is in California .

At home, the events in New York vie for attention with the closing ceremonies in Athens .

The Toronto Star fronts Tim Harper’s report on the demonstration, Jacques Rogge’s pitch for Canada to pitch in more bucks for our Olympic athletes, yesterday’s New York Times report on Canada’s efforts to assert sovereignty in the North and a CP report on a new international heart attack study.

The editorial board says we need a national debate on sports funding, which makes at least three national debates they’ve suggested in the past seven days. Carol Goar says Paul Martin should delay the decision on missile defence. Chantal Hébert questions Stephen Harper’s media strategy and people skills.

The Globe and Mail fronts Carolyn Abraham’s report on the cardiac study, along with Christie’s wrap from Athens and Stephen Owen’s clear nyet to Rogge on increased sports funding.

Inside, Hugh Winsor says broadcast regulation may be the sleeper issue of the next Parliament. Bruce Little reviews Canada ’s standing in the international poverty index.

The editorial board says Québec sovereignty is dead—actually, on a second read, the editorialist “virtually guarantees” it; he might want to take a look at which party holds the balance of power in the Commons. Another writes that the attack on John Kerry’s military record is reprehensible, but he has only himself to blame.

On the comment page, Lysiane Gagnon says we need a better way to review Supreme Court appointments, but she doesn’t quite know what it is. (Here's my take.)

William Thorsell says watching the Olympics is boring, but the Republican convention this week matters. Jim Stanford says forget about the athletes, it’s our business leaders who are underperforming. Senators Michael Kirby and Wilbert Keon set out the case for competition in health care—based on their study for IRPP, which the competition fronts.

The National Post also fronts David Frum from New York (he’s hopeful about Republican prospects in November) and Cam Cole from Athens (“This one just about beat them all”). The editorial board rejoices at CHOI’s reprieve; another editorialist says spousal abuse can go both ways, though it acknowledges that one way is “not of the same magnitude” as the other; I’ll say.

Elsewhere in CanWest land, the Montréal Gazette editorial board says Bernard Landry is in a weak position and, “The PQ's frustrated old true believers are having a last roll of the dice, and although the odds are long for them, the stakes are alarmingly high for all of us.”

The Gaz fronts Jacques Rogge’s pitch along with Landry’s to stay on as PQ leader. L. Ian Macdonald chronicles Carolyn Parrish’s “mood swings” and says she should be kicked out of the Liberal caucus.

In the Calgary Sun, Ezra Levant writes that the real scandal is Paul Martin’s refusal to discipline her. In Toronto , Peter Worthington weighs in on the Republican convention.

The Ottawa Citizen editorial board pans Parrish and accuses Jack Layton of deliberately confusing the missile defence debate. The paper stuffs Landry and fronts the health study by the two smart Senators and another for the Canadian Policy Research Network on older workers, but--like the Post, alas--not today's


Earnscliffe shared in $5M in federal contracts

The Ottawa Citizen and the National Post stuff Jack Aubry’s report:

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