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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Press Review

From today's edition of NORMAN'S SPECTATOR

In the UK , former BBC Director-General Greg Dyke is out with his memoirs, and they’re bad news for Tony Blair. Meanwhile, Conservative leader Michael Howard is furious that he can’t get an invite to the White House.

With the Republican Convention opening this week in New York City , most US papers lead with the latest on the current occupant, George Bush, along with good news from Athens and additional details into the alleged Israeli mole at the Pentagon.

The Washington Post’s editorial board sees some problems with the Pentagon’s military tribunals, but is more critical of its lack of accountability for prisoner abuse. The New York Times’ editorial board says it was wrong in the past and now favours abolition of the Electoral College. Post Ombudsman Michael Getler reviews coverage of the Swift boat charges and counter-charges, and concludes that the paper more or less got the story right .

At home--today or any other day--you won't see that kind of self-examination by an internal critic who's banned from applying for any other job at the paper.

The Toronto Star fronts Canada’s “golden day in Athens,” along with more bad PR for pit bulls and some old news about a British mum who’s nipping at Tony Blair. Jennifer Wells weighs in with the first test of Canada ’s offshore child sex law.

Inside—the paper, that is--Tim Harper sends his take on the Republican convention. Haroon Siddiqui fears John Kerry is blowing it, and offers advice that would guarantee it. Linda McQuaig defends Kerry and attacks Bush and the media.

The editorial board says we need extensive public debate before the police get additional powers to snoop on us in cyberspace. Rick Anderson is back from vacation and wonders whether the PM and Opposition Leader are. Hugh Segal thinks Canada is doing a swell job keeping hope alive in the world’s hotspots.

In the CanWest corral, the Montréal Gazette fronts Canada ’s “medal haul”; the editorial board says fed-prov health talks are in a mess and there’s plenty of blame to go around.

The Ottawa Citizen trumpets our “day of glory” in Athens —along with Colin Powell’s decision not to go to the closing ceremony, and panic on the prosecution side at the Milosevic trial thanks to Canadian witnesses.

In the Toronto Sun, Ben Mulroney takes on Carolyn Parrish. Eric Margolis says, with unseemly enthusiasm, that Osama is winning. Linda Williamson tees off on Paul Martin’s Supreme Court appointments, as does Ted Byfield in Calgary . (Here’s my take.)

In Winnipeg , Tom Brodbeck says there must be a better way to appoint them. In Ottawa , Doug Fisher writes that Canada has become an autocracy, and he has some harsh words about both mandarins and the media.


Marois made mistake: Duceppe

The Montréal Gazette’s CATHERINE SOLYOM and PHILIP AUTHIER report:

“Pauline Marois made a mistake.

So says Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, putting the kibosh on her suggestion that it is time for the Parti Quebecois to choose a new leader….

"I think it was a mistake - Mr. Landry got strong support," Duceppe said, after delivering a speech yesterday at the Canadian Auto Workers council meeting in Montreal .

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How is any of this garble useful without links?

Posted by: ak | 2004-08-29 6:33:10 PM

ak: Norman is doing us a favour by condensing headlines and news items from North American newspapers. He has all the links on his own blog, just go there.

Posted by: Mike P | 2004-08-29 7:12:57 PM

Man, can Margolis get any sicker and loonier???

I thought last week's column was a low when he defended the Islamic terrorists of Sudan but now he is barely hiding his glee about Bin ladin!!

Can there be any doubt that this nut is on some Islamic terrorists payroll.......the man reasons like a little child and froths at the mouth with any mention of America!!

A loon and anti-semite to be sure!!


Devon in Calgary

Posted by: Albertadude | 2004-08-29 8:15:11 PM

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