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Friday, August 27, 2004

NPR Outs Military Blogger

Carolyn Parrish, take note: this is the work of a bona fide "coalition of idiots".

American Soldier - CB got a lot of attention real quick and his name got put out in the spotlight as well. Now he is a lowly Specialist in the Army. He is in a combat unit and he got found out. Now his Commander in a round about way censored him. In my mind, he knew the demise of his blog was going to come sooner than later. He now had to have someone else look at his stuff before he could post it. Now that just straight out sucked! Then the NPR article came, that must have enraged his chain of command. Here is the reason why and this is quite universal. In the fine print of your enlistment contract, there is a section that says you cannot undermine your command. You HAVE to listen to what they say. If you in ANY way undermine them, then you are wrong. So a blog that talks about ones' combat experiences and then gets national spotlight attention that mentions his name, his commanders name, his unit and some freak that sounds like the Simpson's school bus driver that narrates one of his experiences and snickers at the term OPSEC, will make people with rank pissed!

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