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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Speaking of the CRTC...Liberate CTV Newsnet!

CTV Newsnet has applied to the CRTC for more freedom in the way it broadcasts the news. This will be another test of the CRTC's mettle after its disastrous performance on the CHOI-FM file (see below).

Newsnet is currently operating with one hand tied behind its back: they have to cut away from any programming (which is minimal) for headline news updates every 15 minutes. (Anyone who watched Mike Duffy's excellent program "COUNTDOWN" during the federal election campaign will know how annoying this is.) CBC Newsworld, CNBC, CNN or any other cable news station in Canada is not subject to these same draconian restrictions.

I love the pot shot at Newsworld's irrelevant non-newsy shows in the press release:

"The success of COUNTDOWN: With Mike Duffy proves that there is an audience for intelligent, fast-paced newsprogramming," said [CTV News President Robert] Hurst. "And that's the audience we want to serve. COUNTDOWN: With Mike Duffy, with its panel discussions and audience interaction, is a template for the kind of headline programming we want to seemore of on CTV Newsnet. We're not talking Antiques Road Show or Fashion File here -- we're talking about hard news and current events in shows that have personality and point-of-view."

Let the CRTC know you support CTV's request -- [email protected].

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I'm all for freeing Newsnet from its shackles, (and for axing the CRTC, for that matter), but to call Duffy's Countdown excellent is quite a stretch! Although it was pretty much the only game in town during the election, many of the Countdown segments were downright cringe-inducing, especially after David Frum went on his mid-election book tour.

Posted by: MLM | 2004-08-25 8:41:09 PM

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