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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lewis Lapham: Journalist Clairevoyant

As old media continues to preach the ethics of journalistic standards to the blogger rabble,

Lewis Lapham has an article in Harpers Sept. 2004 issue, on the Republican "propoganda mill". He writes,

The speeches in Madison Square Garden affirmed the great truths now routinely preached from the pulpits of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal--government the problem, not the solution; the social contract a dead letter; the free market the answer to every maiden's prayer--and while listening to the hollow rattle of the rhetorical brass and tin, I remembered the question that [Richard] Hofstadter didn't stay to answer. How did a set of ideas both archaic and bizarre make its way into the center ring of the American political circus?

Except, of course, the "speeches in Madison Square Garden" don't occur until next week.

Hat tip Reason Hit&Run blogger Jacob Sullum;

"I got my copy in early August, and Lapham must have written those words in July. Didn't it occur to him that his readers might notice he was claiming to have witnessed an event that had not occurred when the magazine went to press? Evidently, Republicans are not the only ones Lapham thinks are stupid."

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Hehe hallucinagenic visions rock.

Posted by: Kelvin | 2004-08-24 1:25:55 PM

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