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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Good fences

Despite the marginal sense of growing security that many Israelis have begun to feel since the construction of the West Bank barrier and the subsequent precipitous decline in terror attacks, residents of Be'er Sheva say today's double suicide bombing was predictable.

That's because where they live, the fence has not yet been built. In July, a local politician told the Jerusalem Post that "my community is just waiting for the next bombing, and we all know where it will come from [the Hebron Hills]." Blocked from infiltrating the northern parts of the West Bank, the council member predicted that the bombers would be funneled to the vulnerable Be'er Sheva area.

Tragically, he was right. At the very least, today's mass murder of 15 innocent civilians should prove to all those critics of the wall beyond any doubt exactly how effective the mechanism can be—regardless what any world court says about the matter. But then, if those sorts of folks cared about the safety of Israeli civilians in the first place, they wouldn't need convincing.

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