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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

God bless her heart

should help ease tensions.

Posted by Alan Rockwell on August 25, 2004 | Permalink


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I thought you might be interested in an email I just sent to Carolyn Parrish:

"Dear Ms. Parrish,
I gather in addition to calling Americans "damned bastards", you are now calling us "idiots".

I have no idea what compels you to offend the people of the United States. Frankly, is it altogether wise to work so relentlessly at poisoning the waters between our two countries?

Candidly, calling your best customer "damned bastards" and "idiots" isn't the most prudent business policy.

I have been in touch in respect to this matter with the offices of my own two Senators -- Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Senator John Cornyn, my Congressman, Charles Stenholm, the office of the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, and the Senate Majority Leader's office, Senator Bill Frist.

I will be posting the contents of this email on the Shotgun section of the Western Standard and circulating this email on my distribution lists."

Posted by: Greg in Dallas | 2004-08-25 4:28:12 PM

Carolyn Parrish has once again managed to make us look like idiots. And herself uniquely so.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-08-25 5:56:01 PM

The only idiot here is Carolyn Parrish.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-08-25 6:18:29 PM

As an Albertan who has lived in Mississauga, I have to say something here.

She's no worse than anyone who lives in that awful, crime-ridden, filthy, mean-spirited city of extremely rich, spoiled brats.

Mississauga is the City of Hate, and should be nuked off the face of the Earth. Anyone who re-elects a racist Neo-nazi like Parrish gets what they deserve.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-08-25 6:44:02 PM

I, too, have the "pleasure" of experiencing living in Mississauga. While I don't go out enough to witness any crime, I do agree that there is a deadening effect in this place that seems to suck the life out of people. Heaven forbid, I'd rather life in Toronto (but then I'm in that young city-loving phase).

Mississaugans are pretty bizarre politically animals. Voting for Parrish aside, Miss. South re-elected Paul Szabo, another one of the pro-life Liberals that I never hear a peep about on prenatal life issues (but I've found through the last campaign that evidently there's a whole pile of them).

Alas, I guess I'm just glad I never did enter Parrish's riding. Who knows what forms of life reside there.

Posted by: Kelvin | 2004-08-25 8:44:41 PM

As so often in the past, I remind anyone who would gloss over this how prickly overly-sensitive Canadians would feel if a US federal poltician called Canadians idiots. Whatever this appalling woman's views are, the sheer crassness, lack of class, and adolescent amateurism of her, er, delivery is an immense embarassment to all Canadians.

Posted by: JGS | 2004-08-26 6:46:28 AM

A US politician would have more class than this racist Nazi.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-08-26 8:21:17 AM

Prickly? Look at how prickly they get over Bill O'Reilly - whom most of them have never actually seen on air, but have only heard stories about....

Posted by: Kate | 2004-08-26 9:12:07 AM

Slightly OT, I was watching an olympic men's basketball game this morning between Spain and the USA on CBC. The Americans called a time out with only a half minute or so to go in the game, even though they were up 10 or 12 points. This so incensed the CBC announcer ("The Americans are just rubbing Spain's nose in it") that he said (paraphrasing):

"I'm going to say it. I know a lot of you are thinking it...This is stereotypical 'ugly American' behaviour. This is the kind of thing that makes these American athletes so poorly received over here."

Which made me wonder. Will the CBC now say, if, for example, a black athlete crosses some finish line last, "I'm going to say it. This is stereotypical 'lazy black' behaviour. This is the kind of thing that makes black people so poorly received in some places."

Each to his own prejudice, I suppose.

Posted by: surly | 2004-08-26 10:05:13 AM

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