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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dem's out of gas???

Could it be the Democrats are out of gas? I've have been pondering this for a while and the Democrats have a serious problem. They have no clear plan, they are not united in their message, and they are out of gas with no where to fill up. Expect two months of desperation.
Democrats have made a crucial error. They have fired all their bullets and left themselves with a two-month battle and no ammunition. Since the primaries Democrats have been in attack mode wildly firing attacks in every direction. Democrats have attacked Bush’s National Guard record, his operation outside the confines of the UN, lack of WMD’s in Iraq, going to Iraq too quick, going to Haiti too slow, tax cuts and job outsourcing, Bush’s seven minute pause before leaving the school children on 9/11, his support of a full Israeli settlement dismantling and withdrawal from Gaza, his handling of North Korea, his social policy, his faith, his speech, and the clincher his hair. There are many more but we get the picture. Democrats fired all their shots, killed the horse, and are now reduced to beating the dead horse in the hopes of getting attention. As the latest ABC poll suggests the effects of this sustained barrage had their effect and are now wearing off, and no one wants to hear Democrats pummel dead issues anymore.
The Bush Campaign has smartly stood firm, taken shots when they counted, but more or less they have seen fit to weather the storm and conserve energy and resources. From what I saw at last night’s convention opening, the Republican machine just came alive and in it’s path are a heap of worn out, tired, bitter and weary Democrats trying to figure how not to get rolled over. They are stuck, they have a leader that many of them are unsure of, who has decades of history behind him depicting a political opportunist and that will not cut it in a time where people are looking for strong leadership. Democrats made a crucial error, they tried to dismember Bush in the press, it didn’t work, and to add insult to injury, other than being against Bush, no one has any clue what the Democrats stand for right now. There has been a whole lot of “we have a plan” but they offer no details. The question is… with Kerry serving up a healthy portion of flapjacks every month, would anyone listen anyway? It appears that Democrats thought basing a campaign on “anyone but Bush” would be a cake walk and thus a platform and details on anything other than what they think Bush has done wrong has been murky as best, leaving them with scant time to come up with anything more than the same. Truly, after all the storms and attacks Bush has weathered this year, it must be frustrating to be a Democrat right now.

Spin Killer

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Or maybe, it was Hillary's plan all along to have GWB re-elected so she could run against a non-incumbent Republican in '08. HA!

Seriously though, good post.

Posted by: dag | 2004-08-31 1:32:47 PM

Hillary is the top of Dem list for 08. She didn't think she could beat Bush and let MR. "LEGO MY EGO" take his best shot. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Guliani / Hillary contest in 08.

Posted by: Spin Killer | 2004-08-31 3:09:48 PM

I just heard that Giuliani has announced his intention to run in 08. THANK GOD!
If anybody can beat Field Marshal Rodham - it's Rudy! If I'm still in the US - I will personally work on his campaign in whatever capacity I can.

FWIW - the ONLY reason I could stomach a John Kerry win this election is because it would ultimatley NIX a run by Hillary for another decade. It also gives anti-Clinton people another decade to uncover more of the high crimes and misdemeanors of her husband's administration.

Posted by: MWW | 2004-08-31 6:03:40 PM

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