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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Globe on the fence

The Globe is pretty special today, manufacturing an internationally recognized border for Israel:

If a wall must be built, let it be on the Green Line, Israel's internationally recognized border with the West Bank.
It's hard to believe an editorial board of a national newspaper could not be aware that Israel does not have an internationally recognized border on the east. In fact, most of the surrounding countries don't recognize the State of Israel within any borders, never mind the Green Line.

The Last Amazon isn't impressed:

I take issue once again with the Globe’s editorial board. The Green Line is not “Israel’s internationally recognized border with the West Bank”. The Green Line is an ARMITICE LINE, not an internationally recognized border. The original architects of the armistice agreement did not mean for it to be a border as much as a spring board for negotiations to lead to a border that recognized the security considerations of the State of Israel. I challenge any of the Globe’s editorial board to choose whatever military strategist they may and tour the Green Line and develop a successful battle plan to protect that that line from outside aggression. That line is less than 9 miles to the sea in some areas.
Indeed. There have never been internationally recognized borders for Israel. Not in 1948, not in 1967 and certainly not today.

Would the Globe support returning Germany to its 1937 borders? After all if you can launch and lose wars with no loss of territory we should see Gdansk returning to Germany as Danzig and Kalliningrad back as Koenigsberg.

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Nor do the arabs want it to BE a border. Have you ever seen a Palestinian map of Palestine? Where's Israel? Still confused?

They assume that there isn't one. Peaceloving, wifebeating lot that they are!

Posted by: Joe | 2004-07-11 9:49:17 AM

Technically, I think the Israeli borders with Egypt and Jordan are confirmed by treaty.

Although Egypt obviously doesn't give a damn about weapons being shipped from its territory in the Sinai into Gaza.

This from the Israel Supreme Court decision that the barrier should be altered but its existence is legal:

'They argue that if the Fence was primarily motivated by security considerations, it would be constructed on the "Green Line," that is to say, on the armistice line between Israel and Jordan after the War of Independence. We cannot accept this argument. The opposite is the case: it is the security perspective and not the political one which must examine a route based on its security merits alone, without regard for the location of the Green Line.'


Posted by: Kelvin | 2004-07-12 8:50:20 AM

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