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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Rall. Still Unhinged.

Evidence that refutes the claims of the hysterical left that the Bush administration is threatening civil liberties and freedom of speech.

Exhibit A: Ted Rall* is still drawing breath.

Fringe cartoonist? Hardly. Rall is carried in the Washington Post and about 140 other newspapers.

Posted by Kate McMillan on July 10, 2004 | Permalink


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God, what a diaper rash of a cartoonist Rall is - the more intemperate his rants, the closer his "art" looks like shitsmears on an inmate's cell wall.

Rall may still be roaming free in "facist Amerikkka", but his mind seems to be in serious lockdown.

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-07-10 4:00:09 PM

This seems like an appropriate time to recall the Protein Wisdom classic, "Ted Rall's Internal Monologue".


Now Jeff Goldstein ... THAT guy is f---ing brilliant.

Posted by: mgl | 2004-07-10 6:18:29 PM

Oops. Sorry, Kate. Didn't realize you'd already linked it in your post.

Posted by: mgl | 2004-07-10 6:19:26 PM

Ted Rall is a very sick and hateful human being.

I assure you that NO paper in the U.S. would publish such viciousness if it came from a conservative or Republican.

Posted by: Mark | 2004-07-12 12:48:03 AM

People, people. Rall is merely making his money as a political onanist. He's the geek in a circus carnival, that'll bite the head off a chicken if it'll net him a dollar. He provides reassuring "comfort propaganda" to pathetic leftist wanna-bees, who get off on the vicissitudes of their chosen team the same as many sports fans do: its victories and defeats are their victories and defeats. They've really nothing in their lives to provide any excitement greater than the frission of believing themselves liberated free-thinking contrarians. Rall provides a way of deluding themselves into thinking they're all that.

Posted by: Demetrius | 2004-07-12 8:28:40 AM

Isn't the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution an amazing thing?

See, if the Bush "Regime" was one-ten-thousandth like what folks like Mr. Rall think it is, he'd be sitting in a dark, quiet cell somewhere. But IF GWB even looked at this (doubtful), I should think he'd say something like, "Now, why'd he have to be so mean to Condi like that?", and move on.

Of course, a leftist like Rall can make an intemperate *personal* attack like this and it's fine, though I'm sure it will get quite a few complaints. But God forbid a Republican or right-winger make a *policy* criticism of someone on the left - then it's all about the "politics of Hate!!!". Sheesh.

Posted by: Meg in Dallas | 2004-07-12 2:36:26 PM

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