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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Iraqis Embrace their freedom...

Despite the choir of cynical global commentary from the Anti-American media bobble heads. Iraq voices are ringing clear. What are Iraqi's really saying about their new found independence and freedom...?Globe

"I send my congratulations to all Iraqis and every Iraqi home," a woman who identified herself as Um Yassin gushed, her voice choked with emotion. "I want to tell Dr. Allawi to be bold, to be strong. We need him to build up the army because we need them at a time like this."

"I send all the Iraqi people my blessings," said Ali, a caller from Baghdad (search). "But I warn these terrorists, all the Iraqis will rise up and strike them with steel."

Callers to both stations also used the opportunity to stress that all Iraqis -- Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and Christians -- should stand together in the face of the challenges the country is likely to face in the coming months.
"I say to our new government that everyone here is one,"

"The speech was impressive, and you could hear the sound of a needle if one had dropped it. The most sensational moment was the end of the speech when Mr. Bremer used a famous Arab emotional poem. . . .He finished his speech by saying in Arabic, 'A'ash al-Iraq, A'ash al-Iraq, A'ash al-Iraq!' (Long live Iraq, Long live Iraq, long live Iraq).

"I was deeply moved by this great man's words, but I couldn't prevent myself from watching the effect on my friends. . . .I found they were touched even more deeply than I was. I turned to one friend who distrusted America all the way. He looked as if he was bewitched, and I asked him, 'So, what do you think of this man? Do you still consider him an invader?' My friend smiled, still touched and said, 'Absolutely not! He brought tears to my eyes. God bless him.' Another friend approached me. He said smiling, 'I must admit that I'm beginning to have faith in America. I never thought that they will hand us sovereignty in time. These people have shown that they keep their promises.' "

Funny, that sounds like hope...determination...pride, a very good foundation for a newly empowered people. Not happy news for those who hope to see the defeat of Bush and America come at the cost of the Iraqi people.

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All I can say is........God Bless America!!!

Devon Hill


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