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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Would you like a Fatwa with that?

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has issued awards for leading Islamophobes:

Most Islamophobic Media Personality: Polly Toynbee

Most Islamophobic International Politician: Jacques Chirac and Ariel Sharon (joint winners)

Most Islamophobic Media: The Daily Telegraph

Islamophobe of the year: George W. Bush

Barbara Amiel received a nomination for an award but was topped by Polly Toynbee for the Most Islamophobic Media Personality award.

Posted by Kevin Jaeger on June 30, 2004 in International Affairs | Permalink


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I'm confused. If George W. Bush is the Islamophobe of the Year, how did he not win in the subcategory of Most Islamophobic International Politician? Did Karl Rove forgot to nominate him in that category.

Posted by: Sean | 2004-06-30 2:58:55 PM

I'm pissed off I wasn't on that list........

I've hated Islam for over 20 years since I began studying it!!

From a laughing Darul Harbian

Posted by: Albertadude | 2004-06-30 4:12:34 PM

Sheesh! I wasn't even nominated! That's like getting the Soviet Union's Biggest Anti-Communist Award.

Posted by: Kathy | 2004-06-30 6:00:34 PM

Polly Toynbee - doesn't she write wackjob columns for the Guardian, blaming America for everything from boy bands to rubella? Strange company - you should be happy you're not included there, Kathy.

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-06-30 6:45:49 PM

Yup, that's the Polly Toynbee - normally your typical far left polemicist, but one that has noticed how Islamists are not exactly kindred spirits of hoary marxist feminists.

Her columns can be read at the Guardian here:

Posted by: Kevin Jaeger | 2004-06-30 7:43:38 PM

Just to trot out an old argument, you know, for fun...how do you think it would go over if the B'nai Brith had an anti-Semite of the year award?

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2004-06-30 10:25:38 PM

Ah, but they don't - I think that's part of the point, don't you think?

And if they did, they'd have a hell of a time narrowing down nominees these days.

Posted by: rick mcginnis | 2004-07-01 1:53:33 AM

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