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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Uplifting rhetoric

You might recall how much fun the media had with Cheryl Gallant, the Conservative MP from Renfrew. There is no question she serves up indelicate comments that serve the media well in portraying this rural MP, and by extension her party, as unsophisticated bumpkins unfit to sip a chardonnay or nibble on brie at their social gatherings. They even spent a long time hanging out in her riding trying to goad her into saying something they could have some fun with. But naturally they didn't scrutinize the level of discourse of her opponents, but listen to this uplifting rhetoric from her NDP opponent, Sue McSheffrey:

You, know, if Cheryl were a bra, I think she'd be a size 32 push-up bra, making mountains out of mole-hills. It's the Tory-Alliance way. Rob Jamieson would be a size too small because his cup runneth over in true Liberal fashion. And me, well, I'm a size 50DD with wiring to support the fallen and uplift the masses. That's the NDP way.
I can see why they like to pick on Cheryl. She's such a rube, unlike her sophisticated, thoughtful, articulate opponents.

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Such a rube indeed. She won with an increased plurality in the face of the red left assault; in face of the classic left ad hominem assault. Cheryl Gallant was gallant, indeed. She won for her electors. Bravo. The bluenecks have it.

She and Mr. Cadman are now in my pantheon of heroes.

This riding, Leeds-Grenville went blue Conservative.

Up with Stephen Harper.
Up with Western Canada.

Posted by: gg | 2004-06-30 10:31:40 AM

Greetings from the Ottawa Valley! Y'know, Ms. Gallant is a bit of a firecracker but she's a good MP and she works hard for her constituents. When the slagging started, people here remembered who's supported THEM against the anti-rural Liberals and she got twice as many votes as her Liberal opponent. As for Ms. McSheffrey, A lovely orange "PARTICIPANT" ribbon is en route!

Posted by: Cruise | 2004-06-30 12:40:37 PM

For some reason I've never equatted candidates with what bra size and style they would be. My life is now complete and I can happily go into the long goodnight. Real class act that NDP candidate.

Posted by: al kenny | 2004-07-01 3:16:40 AM

Please read "The best democracy money can buy" by Greg Palast, Penguin, New York, 2003. It may be an eye-opener!

Posted by: U.Hertel | 2005-03-18 7:17:07 AM

Please read "The best democracy money can buy" by Greg Palast, Penguin, New York, 2003. It may be an eye-opener!

Posted by: U.Hertel | 2005-03-18 7:18:08 AM

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