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Monday, June 28, 2004

The little engine that couldn’t

Cyril just bought a drink. He's a good man.

Jack Layton was giving his balance of power victory speech, but no one in the hall was listening really. A few people looked on with grimaces on their faces, but mostly just chatter from the crowd The lineup for drink tickets is getting long. (Luckily, I saw that coming and made an early preventive strike.)

Look, in a couple of years, judging by what I see when I do the web scan for Ric Dolphin’s Provincial & Territorial Report (one of my moonlighting gigs I have to do to keep myself in mittens) Ontario will be a basketcase of bureaucracy in a couple of years. Sure, there’ll be a new layer of blacktop on the 401, but that will be about the only improvement compared to the layers and layers of new rules regulations, studies, commissions, blah blah blah. That engine will start to choke on its own exhaust. Right now, only Ontario and Alberta are net contributors to confederation. What is a coalition of federal robberbarons going to do when Ontario starts to gag?

Cheer just went up when CTV announced Winnipeg’s Glen Murray’s defeat. A blow against opportunism. Someone just yelled Hawn has moved ahead of McLellan. He must be reading a web site because the hall does not respond. Big cheer for Stronach.

Kevin Steel

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