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Monday, June 28, 2004

The children are our future

The children are our future

It’s 25 degrees outside, the sun is shining, girls are wearing their sundresses and the fish are jumping, but all that doesn’t prevent, Eric Gerrard 18, Philip Butcher 18, Jon English 18 and Gil Lewinsky 19 – four average youth-type fellas from southeast Calgary - spending their night at the luxurious Calgary Stampede Round Up Centre, anticipating their boy, Stephen Harper becoming Canada’s next Prime Minister “It’s time for a change,” says a ticked off English, “the Liberals have been in power for too long.” “We’re distancing ourselves away from America,” shouts out Lewinsky. These guys say they reflect an average sample size of guys their age, maybe, maybe not but at least they’re out showing their support behind something. It’s almost refreshing, but if these kids are the future of Canada the latest results show that that future is not tonight.

Cyril Doll

Death, death for the West

Someone on one of the TV monitors in the main room just held up a sign “Liberals + NDP.” Yikes. A few groans from the floor. So it’s corruption + taxation. The people have spoken. Run.

First, we better get a little fuel to warm up our shoes, mixed with cola. In the hall they're cheering the locals.

Kevin Steel

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9pm MDT.

The worst possible result. A Liberal/NDP Coalition is now virtually certain. And yapper Annie re-elected in Edmonton to boot.

How come? Atlantic Canada went with the guy with the ladle for the pork barrel; the Ontario voters panicked at the poll, believed the unrelenting scare campaign of the last two weeks, and went for the thieves. Yapper Annie McLellan has just said that the Liberals showed they could change during the campaign! Want to bet we'll NEVER see where the money went now?

Martin and his arrogant crew will now lurch left with a vengeance: watch for Layton to get his inheritance tax (won't bother Paulie baby, his money's safe off-shore); watch for income surtaxes on the "rich"; watch for gay marriage becoming entrenched; and watch whilst this country becomes more anti-American than France. Also, watch the separatists flourish.

We're in for a terrible, terrible four or five years. And the worst will be that the Conservatives will now tear themselves apart, ably assisted by Joe Clark and all the other revanchist old Tories.

Disgust and despair are the only words that fit this outcome.

Best to get the Alberta firewall up by mid-summer, else nothing is safe!

Posted by: Patrick Bramwell | 2004-06-28 9:11:42 PM

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