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Monday, June 28, 2004

Smile for the camera

I was yakking with the photogs outside having smokes waiting for Harper to show. One guy from Reuters was saying that he thought Harper would show up looking like a winner.

And Martin? I asked. “Oh, he show up looking like a winner, too,” came the reply.

I noted that Martin had a pretty hectic travel schedule yesterday, and I wondered if he would be heavily made-up for his appearance to cover any trace of exhaustion. No answer. Does heavy makeup, I asked, show up on photographs? No, he said, but it does on TV.

There were two Reuters photogs there. The other guy, Pat Price, started his career working at the Calgary Report (before it merged with the Edmonton Report to become the Alberta Report) back in the seventies. We jawed a bit about the old magazine, and I moved on. These guys were looking bored.

Kevin Steel

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