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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Press Review

From today's edition of NORMAN'S SPECTATOR

In international news, most papers front the transfer of Saddam Hussein to Iraqi sovereignty, if not custody, and his forthcoming trial.

At home, the Toronto Star editorial board is pleased that the NDP will press Paul Martin to deliver on his spending commitments, and in the lead editorial says that Stephen Harper must heed Ontario ’s message: his economic policies, too, are unacceptable.

The Globe and Mail’s Jeff Simpson believes the Conservatives should jettison their small government policies. John Ibbitson writes that Stephen Harper should do a Tony Blair which, in this case, means ditching the social conservatives; I am not aware that the trade unions have left the Labour Party.

The editorial board also offers the Conservatives some advice, and it is more astute; however, does one detect some nervousness about the Globe’s role in the outcome—a minority government subject to NDP influence? And they haven’t even begun to address the damage to national unity, which Lysiane Gagnon and Roger Gibbins (in the Ottawa Citizen today, too) assess.

Over at the Citizen, Paul Martin is on the front page rejecting any coalition with the NDP; Paul Celucci is on the same page warning against a delay in the anti-missile defence decision. On the inside pages, David Pugliese reports on the implications of David Pratt’s defeat. Susan Riley writes that Paul Martin should get new staff, and that the Conservatives should get a new leader who “loves our flawed but promising country.” David Warren, who predicted the Conservatives would win 70 seats in Ontario, writes that the hinterland has changed and is no longer conservative. In other CanWest papers, the Montréal Gazette also fronts Martin’s rejection of any coalition with the NDP. Josée Legault would like to see Gilles Duceppe take over the PQ from Bernard Landry, who fired her as an adviser.

The National Post fronts Jack Layton’s demands—no PetroCan privatization or accelerated debt payments. The editorial board says the way to make a minority Parliament work is through free votes. Its advice to Stephen Harper is remarkably similar to that offered by the Globe. David Frum assesses the tactical errors of the Conservative campaign, but says that Stephen Harper should stay on. Andrew Coyne says the Conservatives through away the election and the secret for success is for Stephen Harper to become a “Trudeau Reformer.” (I kid you not.) On the front page, Lorne Gunter writes that Harper is not being petulant but is simply rationally examining what would be best for the Conservatives; he opts for Harper staying.

In the Sun chain, Doug Fisher assesses prospects for the minority Parliament. Greg Weston says the Conservatives should find a new leader. Peter Worthi ngt on writes that Paul Martin “is old, tired, bankrupt of ideas, kind of a retread who missed the early boat, but decent.”

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Martin rules out coalition

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the ALBERTA ALLIANCE IS NOT A SEPARATION PARTY. They are a "firewall" party which imho doesn't go far enough.

In other words: The AB Alliance is the same as the Provincial tories only they want to use the Notwithstanding Clause on a bunch of issues and want to "work" with Ottawa. Just go read their platform.

So, they will still be sending 11Billion dollars a year to Ontario vis a vie transfer payments but are going to take a "hard stance" at making it more equal? What a load of b--llshit!

Only the Separatist Party of AB (www.separationalberta.com) wants to tell Ottawa to shove it and form a New Self-sustaining Republic. That means, our own police force, our own taxation system, our own currency*, our own laws & justice system, NO TRANSFER PAYMENTS.

*Speaking of our own currency, I truly hope the Separation Party of AB will take back the powers to create money from the Banks & return it to the government where it belongs!

When the government creates money (as it did prior to 1913) it does so INTEREST FREE therefore NO DEBT. Spending is naturally curtailed so as not to devalue the currency. No bottomless Piggy Bank at the IMF & Bank of Canada like the Liberals like to dip into.

With the gov't creating the money in an Independent AB Republic there would be (brace yourself) NO INCOME TAX. (Yes, sheeple, it's true!)

Imagine the Country of AB with No Income Tax, we would become the Cayman Islands of North America as even Paul Martin would come scuttling over to open his bank accounts. Banking would become the #2 industry second only to Oil & Gas.

Something to think about while you go & buy your Separation Party membership.

Posted by: R.Penny | 2004-06-30 9:58:22 AM

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