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Monday, June 28, 2004

On behalf of my fellow Ontarians

Apparently Ontarians will never learn. To those on the sane side of Canada -- almost everyone west of the Ontario/Manitoba border who does not live in Winnipeg and Vancouver -- I'm truly sorry.

Posted by Paul Tuns on June 28, 2004 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Thus spake the sheep in Ontario.

And as a fellow Ontarian, I too apologise.

Posted by: Bruce | 2004-06-28 8:48:16 PM

So, the Dominion is truly diseased – beyond saving, I’m afraid. I wanted to believe, I did, but deep down, I knew it would, could, never happen -- not as long as the east coast is content looking at itself in the mirror while standing in the handout line. And more importantly, not until my own sicko province of Ontario decides to stop letting the media manipulate their sensibilities and guilt them out of voting with their heads, if not balls, for once. I have come to the conclusion that will never happen, not in my lifetime. If there ever was a time we could have seriously challenged for the leadership of the country, it was now. Mark my words; the 20 Ontario conservative seats were a knee-jerk reaction to AdScam. No doubt the Libs will spend the next four years begging those ridings for forgiveness -- and they’ll get it. So what are we left with in the end? A conservative vote that is virtually unchanged from the Alliance/PC collective 4 years ago, and a minority Liberal government that will be seen hugging a lot more trees to impress their new pals to the left. Call me a cynic, but this country just took a turn for the worst, if that was even possible.

Posted by: MarkB | 2004-06-28 9:30:38 PM

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