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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Making it up as they go along

The Eastern Canadian media seems to still be in election fiction mode with CTV apparently making up a story--out of whole clothe it would appear--about Stephen Harper considering stepping down as leader of the Conservatives. The headline, Harper raises possibility of stepping down, implies, well, that Harper raised the possibilty.

All together now, "Oh, b--lshit!"

Seems a reporter tossed out the question, and Harper answered:

"I'm always willing to serve, so I'm going to take a little time with my family... And obviously, I'm already talking to people across the country."

How this equates to quitting, I'm not sure. So I think the CTV nitwits started playing it up, obviously trying to stir up trouble and cause some division in the ranks, like the Globe and Mail did after the 2000 election with the "the Alliance hired a spy" story. Remember that? Yeah? The spy story? Fine bit of James Bond writing that. Canadian journalism at its finest. 'Tis to larf.

Still waiting for these hotshots to ask Jack Layton whether he is considering stepping down. After all, he lost, too. What's that you say? Don't hold my breath? Why ever not?

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Actually, this is a good thing. Instead of a day full of pundits writing about what Harper did wrong that cost him the campaign, most pundits will play up what he did right and how he should stay on as leader.

It's a great way to deflect some negative coverage and get some positive coverage for the party.

Posted by: Name Withheld by Request | 2004-06-29 3:27:08 PM

Did my duty today and paid my $10 for my Separation Party of Alberta membership. I had to do it online b/c all of the phone lines to their headquarters were busy, busy all day. (whoo hoo)

Also, noticed on the Rutherford show this morning Separatist calls outnumbered confederation calls 17:1

What do they say? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, I'm really getting steamed; fool me a fourth time, I'm not taking it anymore.

Posted by: R. Penny | 2004-06-29 4:51:38 PM

All aboard! The Canadian Freeloader's Gravytrain Express is now leaving the station. With engineer Paul martin at the controls and conductor Jack Layton.

Time for hardworking Canadians to hide their wallets.

Posted by: E. Lection | 2004-06-29 5:26:29 PM

I'm with you R.Penny........I am sick of this useless confederation.......I am totally for Alberta seperating.......we have been taken advantage for far far too long by the east!!

We would be infinitely better off on our own!!

Btw.....was Rutherford whining about the calls about seperation or was he sympathetic?


Devon Hill

Proud Albertan

Posted by: Albertadude | 2004-06-29 5:31:45 PM

Devon, Rutherford is not sympathetic to the separation cause. But what happened in the Alberta legislature today might be the start of something, when that conservative MLA crossed the floor to sit as an Alberta Alliance member. So we now have a pro-separatist MLA in the legislature. Who knows where that will lead.

Posted by: Mike P | 2004-06-29 7:25:25 PM

Ohhhhhhh........I didn't know that about that Alberta MP........wow.....wouldn't that be great if we could start a groundswell!???

Yeah I figured Rutherford wasn't sympathetic....he usually is pretty spot on for many of us conservatives but he's never been for separation but I simply cannot see us in Alberta continue to work under these current useless Eastern Govts that only know how to harm and use us.......

Something has to give.......even get a Separatist MLA's elected for a start...start squeezing Ottawa just like Quebec has done .....

Old tactics simply will never work......something new HAS to be tried!!



Posted by: Albertadude | 2004-06-29 7:46:07 PM

I've thrown my lot in with the Separation Party of Alberta. Ontario can go piss up a rope.

Posted by: Sean | 2004-06-29 9:17:45 PM

The spin on CBC radio was uncanny following the election. If this was my only source of information I would come away with the following:

Harper lost badly because Canadians rejected his right-wing agenda. Layton won and will help to shape the direction of the country. Harper must be considering stepping down.


Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-06-30 8:29:50 AM

Um, just one question... how has the West "been taken advantage of"? I hate to tell you but just because Ottawa is located in Ontario doesn't mean that Ontarians have the bounty.

Last time I checked, Ontario was paying PST on top of that GST that ALL Canadians are paying and when I lived in Alberta, I lived a better standard of living than most Ontarians do. Housing is better in Alberta too. Try paying $1000/mth for a one-bedroom the size of a walk-in closet. In fact, last time I checked, Albertans aren't paying 50% of their salaries to taxes like the majority of Ontarians. Ontario farmers have been hit just as badly as those out West and are without support from the federal or provincial governments either.

Maybe I'm naive but can you tell me how Ontario deserves to be pissed on? What do they have that you don't have?

Posted by: flygirl | 2004-06-30 9:36:05 AM


the ALBERTA ALLIANCE IS NOT A SEPARATION PARTY. They are a "firewall" party which imho doesn't go far enough.

In other words: The AB Alliance is the same as the Provincial tories only they want to use the Notwithstanding Clause on a bunch of issues and want to "work" with Ottawa. Just go read their platform.

So, they will still be sending 11Billion dollars a year to Ontario vis a vie transfer payments but are going to take a "hard stance" at making it more equal? What a load of b--llshit!

Only the Separatist Party of AB (www.separationalberta.com) wants to tell Ottawa to shove it and form a New Self-sustaining Republic. That means, our own police force, our own taxation system, our own laws & justice system, NO TRANSFER PAYMENTS.

Posted by: R. Penny | 2004-06-30 9:50:20 AM

"That means, our own police force, our own taxation system, our own laws & justice system, NO TRANSFER PAYMENTS."

And no Ontario.

Posted by: Sean | 2004-06-30 10:59:48 PM

i suppose we've all heard the issues and we in the west are probably just as tired of hearing the complaints about the east as people in the east.

so instead of continually having this complaining about things that will never change maybe it really is time to embrace our differences and go our own way. this appears to be a very good direction for alberta. as it stands we must find some way to keep the money we send to ottawa to diversify our economy for future survival. we can no longer support another part of a country with little to no return. then when our economy disappears quebec and ontario survive because all the tax money has gone to diversify the economies in those regions. i'm not slighting ontario as a good portion of their money is going to quebec as well to help support the nation of quebec. is it right for anyone in this country to support another nation with tax dollars from our country/region/territory? probably not. but in ontario's case they have a much more diversified economy through taxation help from the federal government. even if only through exemptions from somewhat disabling policies. for example, the auto manufacturers (i hope that's the right sector) are exempted from the kyoto accord. no such luck for the oil industry in alberta. our views on social and financial policies in canada are diametrically opposed as represented at the polls time and time again. it has become like a marriage where arguing differing viewpoints and expectations is the only communication left. this as any psychiatrist, psychologist, or even emotionally and intellectually smart person can tell you is not a relationship. and continued to an extreme will lead to drastic measures. so after the separation and divorce are final each region of this geographical area we call canada will have direct control over it's future. a nice relaxing amicable way to live.

Posted by: mark brzak | 2004-07-11 10:04:12 AM

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