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Sunday, June 06, 2004


Bring back this Canada.

Bagpipes played their eerie sound as the Royal Highland Regiment left the harbour in England. They played the pipes on the transports as they rocked up the shore. They bagpipes howled as the Black Watch hit Juno Beach. The bagpipes gave a simple message to the Germans defending Juno beach: we are crazy, we are coming, and you are going to die.

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That Canada is only remembered in Alberta.

Ontario has betrayed it by:

-allowing many old Nazis and Fascists to emigrate,

-seeking concilliation with the Communists,

-alienated the United States and the rest of the free world,

-permitted the CBC to call our veterans "murderers" in the 1992 "documentary" "The Valor and the Horror",

-and destroyed the military to the point where it merely shovels snow for the rich in Toronto.

Alberta takes history seriously. We have the Museum of the Regiments, the best museum of any kind in the country. We treat our veterans with respect, unlike Toronto MP Tom Wappell, whose refusal to help a veteran demonstrated Ontario's contempt for their sacrifice. Best of all, the military is held in high regard here. When 3PPCLI returned from Afghanistan, they were given a hero's welcome in Edmonton. Had they returned to Toronto, they would have been denounced for being absent during a snowstorm.
I can imagine a rich Toronto person saying "Hey boy, I got gutters that need cleaning, so hurry up, you slacker!". That's Ontario for you, fascist scum.

The more Ontario people who come to Alberta had better learn to appreciate this history, or they can leave - simple as that.

God Bless you, Ronald Reagan.

Posted by: Scott M. | 2004-06-06 1:03:30 PM

What would the pipers play to represent today's Canada? Not "Scotland the Brave," surely -- too martial, too British, just too masculine all around. Perhaps "Lord Lovat's Lament"? Linking the name of the founder of the Commandos in any way to a rotting corpse like modern Canada seems vaguely obscene. But there are other dirges.

Maybe pibroch is simply too traditional to symbolise our Canada. Something more contemporary might serve. Hal Ketchum, "Past the Point of Rescue"?

Posted by: Charles MacDonald | 2004-06-06 2:31:25 PM

Scott M, I live in Ontario and am an army reservist, and can tell you that you have a very confused view of Ontario. Ontario is the province that voted in Mike Harris, twice. We also pay *into* the federal coffers as opposed to cashing out of. I've worked with soldiers in many different army units in Ontario, and I can say that every Ontario regiment i'm familiar with enjoys a great relationship with its surroundings. The fact that you take the snobbery and ignorance of a few in Toronto and apply it to the entire province shows that you have little to no experience with the province.

Posted by: Chuck | 2004-06-06 11:05:33 PM


I know all about Ontario after living there for a while. I feel lucky to have escaped with my life.
I no longer have any confusion or misconception of Ontario: it is fascist in its contempt for human life, its defence of privilege and wealth, and in its exploitation of others. The less Alberta has to do with it, the better off we are.

Especially heinous was the misuse of the military to shovel snow. That the government and people would do such a thing is understandable, but for the military to have allowed its resources to be misused for such a menial task is inexcusable. What's next, raking leaves? Cleaning gutters? Cleaning dog poo?

I believe the military should be disbanded to prevent things like this. If it cannot defend itself from being misused, then it cannot defend the country.

Now I know why you say that the army reserve has a good relationship with its community: the army does its yardwork.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-06-07 8:37:43 AM

Amazing Grace would be about right except for the religious aspect.

Personally I'm a Scotland the Brave kind of guy with a bit of Donald Blue thrown in.

And just to break a few stereotypes - I'm Jewish and for a couple of years my drummer boy (#3 son) played in a pipe band.

Posted by: M. Simon | 2004-06-08 3:45:43 AM

If you approached any Torontonian (Mel Lastman excepted) and mentioned the day we called in the army to move snow, he would probably roll his eyes and mutter something like "I have no idea what they were thinking." It's not as if there was a referendum on the issue and Torontonians demanded that city council summon the army. Besides, all that extra snow would have been an excellent place to store our hidden cache of Nazis, fascists and communists.

Posted by: ian | 2004-06-09 2:13:02 PM

Its easy to claim our vets murders when they fought and died to give you that freedom. Could that have been true in germany 1939

Posted by: Greg Johnson | 2004-06-27 1:09:24 PM

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