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Monday, June 28, 2004

Finally some emotion

Finally some emotion

Well, 15 minutes have elapsed since my last post and in that time Kevin has bought me one of what will hopefully be many drinks, not to drown my sorrow so much but as to… Anyhoo, the magic that is the Shotgun allows me to update my previous assertion that the mood was somber. 8:15 p.m., saw the first reaction out of the crowd: Martin’s trailing his BQ counterpart. A few moments later one of the talking heads mentioned Harper easily won his seat garnering another cheap pop from this partisan crowd.

So the East has fallen once again. Methinks regionalism is rearing its ugly head once again as does Carl Schwartz a tax accountant taking in the festivities hear in lovely Victoria Park , Calgary. “It doesn’t matter, they can be crooks, liars, thieves, everything under the sun, we still put them in and we still get screwed.” In the eyes of Schwartz, it’s not that Harper’s scary to Ontario, but why would they give up there balance of power to the West?

Count Floyd just announced a minority for Martin and the boys based on their projections.

Cyril Doll

After Cyril went into start typing his post, I stood at the same table, sucking up my rye. One guy next to me, yelled (in a moment of silence) “Boo Ontario!” I shot back my drink and came in here, expecting to see a room full of busy bees. Only a few sitting around.

One guy just yelled, “Layton lost his seat!” The few of us in here just keep typing. Then he yells "Chow is losing as well." Some respond to this in surprise. Two women next to me don't really seem to care what is going on. Their drinking and yakking. Wonder where they are from? Think I'll ask, but I won't get them in trouble.

Kevin Steel

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