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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Favourite songs

While Rick and Kathy (and no doubt others) weigh in on their favourite songs, I wonder about one thing: how much of such a list is actual favourite and how much (order, inclusion, etc...) is what someone wants others to think they like. I didn't believe Tony Clement when he told reporters he liked U2, I don't believe Stephen Harper when he says AC/DC's Thunderstruck is his favourite song. When politicians list their favourite songs, claim to be reading a particular book or whatever, I can't help but think their stated lists are political. But bloggers are no less prone to worrying about what others might think.

Posted by Paul Tuns on June 19, 2004 in Music | Permalink


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FWIW, I'm sure you thought this, but those were real choices on my part.

But I can imagine people thinking that politicians are trying to schmooze people with their choices. Very true.

(I volunteer to try to catch Jack Layton listening to Gwar ;) )

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2004-06-19 4:39:30 PM

I know for a fact that Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen are AC/DC fans. They were using "Thunderstruck" for a while as his leadership theme song, until aides told him that older supporters were complaining. To be honest, the fact that Harper a) didn't pick any Canadian songs, b) didn't pick anything particularly hip and contemporary and c) picked a song by the execrable Andrew Lloyd Webber, makes me think these were fairly honest selections, not politically motivated choices by his campaign bus.

Why is Harper liking AC/DC or Clement liking U2 so hard to believe? Stephen Harper and Angus Young were both born in 1959. Paul Hewson (Bono) in 1960, and Tony Clement in 1961.

Posted by: Mark | 2004-06-19 9:33:05 PM

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