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Monday, June 28, 2004

A different point of view

Right now it sounds like I’m filing from the deceased Montreal Forum as a baritoned singer belts out O Canada in both of our proud native languages. But alas Guy Lafleur is nowhere to be seen. However this partisan crowd has let out a few pops despite the inevitable result of the evening. Mostly when Preston Manning showed up on the big scream decrying the choice of Ontario, the choice of yet another scandal-laden government.
Not to worry though, says Jamie Niessen, who works as a law firm marketing director here in sunny Calgary. Niessen says a Liberal minority is best for conservatives - partly due to a lack of a Conservative policy and partly because any government that runs a minority is in for a rough ride. “We get what we vote for and we get what we deserve, let the Liberals try to govern with this, let the Liberals make the best out of a fiscal conservative policy and make the best out of social policy of the NDP.”

Cyril Doll

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