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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Zerb vs. the warmongering bloggers

Kathy Shaidle, Bob Tarantino and I are all mentioned by name in Antonia Zerbisias's latest anti-blogging column.

She got my name and URL right, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. (My response is here.)

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Mine is here:

Alas, there is no beating Churchill, but one can try...

"Dear Antonia, I am silent now, but will be blogging again next week. You will still be a Leftist dupe.

"And a size 22..."

Posted by: Kathy | 2004-05-16 10:37:07 AM

I'm always fascinated when someone on the left actually admits that liberal views are not universally shared by Canadians. It runs counter to most of the suppositions behind what they write. Her disquietude is very entertaining.

Posted by: alan | 2004-05-16 11:40:06 AM

And yet she missed the Shotgun. Tssk. Tssk. We haven't been sufficiently argumentative. Maybe Kathy and I should pick a fight... ;)

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-05-16 2:53:19 PM

As Québécor mogul Pierre Péladeau used to say "praise me or diss me, but please, just talk about me" Any publicity is good for the nascent Canadian blogosphere and Antonia's temper tantrum is one of the best possible endorsement.

Posted by: Laurent | 2004-05-16 3:39:20 PM

Yo' Flea: there have been lots of fights on the Shotgun, but they weren't between me and you ;-). They were between me and pretty much everybody else. Kidding...

Just wait til she DOES discover the Shotgun. 10 bucks says that'll be her next column.

Does anyone else feel totally stoked by this incident and more eager to blog than ever??

Seriously and off topic: who all's goin' to see Victor Davis Hanson here in T.O tomorrow (Monday 17th)? I'll be there.

Posted by: Kathy | 2004-05-16 4:05:58 PM

Well, if it takes the lovely loon to get Kathy blogging again it is all worth it.

But, hey...Iève insulted the women. I have told her just how wrong she got it about Jenin. In email no less. What does a guy have to do to get mentioned in the star (with URLs no less).

Posted by: Jay Currie | 2004-05-16 4:52:01 PM

I am planning to go hear VDH speak. I sent a note to Holy Blossom Temple asking for details about tickets and such. I do not know if space is limited...

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-05-16 6:16:38 PM

The ad about VDH's talk says:

Holy Blossom members with advance seating cards get in at 7pm, doors open 7:30 for the general public and the event starts at 8pm.

Arnie and I will be there.

Posted by: Kathy | 2004-05-16 7:05:10 PM

Didn't AZ used to be a TV critic or lifestyle maven or some such fiddle faddle? Her grasp of Foreign Affairs is as dimwitted as Bill Graham's. I wouldn't use the Star to line my birdcage. You're out of your league Antonia, and you know it.

Posted by: SnowFlake | 2004-05-16 7:12:46 PM

Hang on. I see that she has dubbed Kathy a "bloggeuse".

I though that female specific nouns were supposed to be verboten according to the left.

Does this make Antonia a "reportrix"? :)

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2004-05-17 9:15:17 AM

Hang on. I see that she has dubbed Kathy a "bloggeuse".

I though that female specific nouns were supposed to be verboten according to the left.

Does this make Antonia a "reportrix"? :)

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2004-05-17 9:15:27 AM


Posted by: Kate | 2004-05-17 5:16:57 PM

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