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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Tired of the CBC

and their neverending doom and gloom about Iraq especially? Check out this post by Mohammed at Iraqthemodel "Not in my city":

My arrival day was the day when a rally of support and gratitude to the coalition passed the streets of Samawa. The scene was very delightful for me, I, who believe in the necessity of establishing a strategic partnership with the free world represented by the coalition, because this the only way for Iraq to rise again, prosper and join the modern, free world. Such partnership, the way I see it, is vital for the free world in its war with terrorism, the corner stone of which is to establish peace and stability in the ME. Yes, we should put our hands in each other’s because we have a common destiny.
Somehow, the CBC has managed to miss interviewing this Iraqi doctor or, seemingly anyone along the roads he travels.
It was a very encouraging thing to see that the simple people there understood the case and this is probably the first time where people go out to the streets to thank and support our allies in the coalition, but strangely it came from ordinary, simple people not from those who claim to be civilized intellectuals.
I have a feeling that when the election is finally held in Iraq the results will come as a big surprise to the western media. There's a lot going on outside of the hotspots that they don't want to talk about.
The point behind all these pictures and stories I mentioned is that the people started to speak out and express their feelings and here we’re in great need for support from the free world to back the progress. Moving back is absolutely unacceptable; we’ve put our feet on the right way and we need help from the others. Never let the bad pictures lay their heavy shadow on the good, bright ones. The negative media want our eyes to pause on the bad events to win time in this worldwide battle and to make us forget the good pictures that encourage us to keep the momentum. This includes most of the major western media.
They are ‘unconsciously’ supporting the terrorists and the totalitarian regimes in the region to stop this great progress. The media have managed to create some distrust and hate between some Iraqis and some of the coalition and the west in general. Well, not in my city, it seems to be immune to their poison.
The road is long and hard but together, we can do it.
I think a tipping point has been reached in Iraq with the uprisings fizzling out and being contained rather than spreading throughout the country. These goons are still dangerous, but going unreported a tolerable order is being forged. The police and Iraqi defence forces are gaining strength and will be able to contain these goons on their own soon.

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You need to go read the Belmont Club, too - for genuine analysis of the actual fighting and how it's really going. Very, very well.


Whenever we get a sidebar of links on this site, Belmont Club is a must inclusion.

Posted by: Kate | 2004-05-16 8:24:28 AM

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