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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Shake Head or Weep? Tough Decision

It would be difficult to imagine how one would begin to construct a criminal justice system as profoundly dysfunctional as the Canadian. Three current examples, in ascending horror:

[taken from page A8 of the National Post, print edition] Jack Carleton sent Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty an email the other day, which was "disturbing" and "harshly worded". The letter apparently expressed Mr. Carleton's discpleasure with the recent Ontario budget and its attendant tax increases. So what happened? The police obtained a search warrant for Carleton's home, invaded it, found 79 registered firearms, 3 unregistered firearms, a crossbow and two marijuana plants. Carleton has been arrested and is currently being kept in jail. It is important to note that Carleton's email "didn't contain any death threats or threats to cause bodily harm", according to police. Bizarrely, it was evidently sufficient to justify a search warrant. Lesson: don't be mean to Dalton.

[from the Toronto Star] "A mother and daughter have been convicted for their roles in what police say is one of the largest welfare frauds ever in Ontario. The women used 21 different names and pretended to have 13 children to collectively bilk more than $450,000 in payments from welfare agencies throughout Greater Toronto during the past eight years." Mandi Felardeau had been arrested after returning from a South American vacation. But it's all okay: the judge really liked her. "Justice Hugh Atwood said he would recommend that she receive early parole and wished her "good luck," telling her that he sympathized with her traumatic life... Atwood also praised Falardeau for entering a guilty plea without forcing the courts to conduct what would have been an extremely lengthy trial, adding that it was the "greatest saving of time" that he has seen in his 11 years on the bench." Lesson: don't work a day in your life, steal a lot of money from taxpayers, and make sure you pout during your trial.

[from canada.com] Martin Ferrier "has raped women, pulled guns on police and once tried to burn a family to death"; he has also told police that his mission in life is to be Canada's 'most prolific killer'". Our top-notch "justice" system has never seen fit to give Ferrier a stiff sentence, despite "crimes including rape (six convictions), kidnapping and arson with disregard for human life (three convictions)". "Prison doctors say he has intentions of mass murder, hears voices instructing him to kill and is ranked as one of the violent criminals most likely to re-offend... [and] wants to 'become a household name, like Bernardo or Manson'. The National Parole Board also says Mr. Ferrier, diagnosed as an "incurable psychopath," will kill once released." His own mother wants him to remain in jail.

It gets worse: "One of the last times he was in court -- for an assault, robbery and armed standoff with police in Brampton -- he asked the judge to give him a maximum sentence of 15 years, saying he'd hurt someone once released and the court would be to blame. The judge gave him just 15 months."

Ferrier "has told family that he likes it [in prison] and has hopes of becoming a 'lifer' so he'll never have to leave prison again".

So, what is happening to Martin Ferrier? He will walk free on July 7, 2004.

Lesson: he should have sent an email to Dalton McGuinty.

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The first story is truly frightening. Given that there was nothing in Jack Carleton's email that he is being charged for, on what basis was a warrant issued to search his home? If your home can now be searched just because you happen to disagree with a politician, God help us. One can't help but wonder if the fact that Carleton is a registered gun owner had an influence on the issuance of the warrant. This kind of thing is exactly what the people opposed to the Gun Registry have been warning us about.

Posted by: Tim R | 2004-05-30 1:21:26 AM

"So, what is happening to Martin Ferrier? He will walk free on July 7, 2004."

Has no one troubled himself to try to get this guy declared a dangerous offender? Then he could share the fate of his hero, Bernardo.

Unlike Jack Layton's charge that Paul Martin killed homeless people, there would be a lot of truth to the charge that the courts killed Canadians if this guy does what he says he's going to do.

Posted by: Ken Davidson | 2004-05-30 4:19:30 AM

Has anyone on here actually seen the entire email that Mr. Carleton sent to the premier? Does anyone here know for a fact whether or not Mr. Carleton had any kind of previous history with the police? There are alot of missing facts in that story that could "un-spin" it from it's sensationalist undertones.

But the Martin Ferrier story is really disturbing. Apparently his mother did try to get him classified as a dangerous offender but the request was rejected.

I live in the Toronto area, and I sure hope I don't run across this nutcase.

Posted by: Robert Talien | 2004-06-24 7:24:03 AM

When the Liberals said "shorter waiting times", I didn't realize they were talking about the period from conviction to release.

Posted by: alan | 2004-06-24 7:47:00 AM

All three are quite disturbing examples of our justice system failing us. I understand that Ferrier is moving to Brampton.

The frustration that Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson in Death Wish felt when psychopathic murderers were released on technicalities doesn't seem so far fetched now.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-06-24 8:42:23 AM

This Tim R. guy is an idiot, "The first story is truly frightening" ???? Have you read the third story?? The guy is an "incurable psychopath" who keeps getting released; now that is truly frightening. Something needs to be done about this, and, I hope to God it doesn't happen, but if anyone was to be murdered by Martin Ferrier after he is released, the family of the victim really should take the penal system to court, because it would probably be possible to win. Ferrier himself told, warned them that he would harm people if they let him out. So of course the only logical thing to do is...set him free. You morons! The people running this country really should be everyday people who work for a living, not a bunch of idiots who have never set foot in the downtown of any big city, they need to wake up.

Posted by: Vincent | 2004-06-25 12:38:19 PM

Anybody can post these dangerous criminals pictures on the website so that people can keep away from them?

Posted by: Carol Lee | 2004-07-02 10:37:18 AM

This website may help you to identify some of the dangerous offenders at large:

Posted by: Carol Li | 2004-07-02 10:41:52 AM

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