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Monday, May 31, 2004

Sea of Red Ink

If you're watching the Flames game, as folks in the office are now doing, then you're obviously not reading this.

For those who are reading this: in addition to a riveting hockey matchup, you're missing a parade of election ads from both Liberals and Conservatives.

There's something a little perverse about seeing these ads, which are now paid for by tax dollars, used to buy space on a broadcaster which is already propped up by tax dollars. Most Canadians are probably naively enjoying this hockey game with little thought to how much it's costing them.

For those of us looking for a reason to spoil the fun, however, one of our interns, Peter Jaworski, has promised to count the campaign ads that air so we can get a sense of how many of our hard earned bucks are being Zambonied over the course of three periods.

(See Peter's comments below for the running tally...live.)

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8:05 p.m. - At the beginning of the second period. (Tampa still up 1-0) The count thus far:

5:50 - NDP ad
6:43 - Liberal ad ("It's about waiting times," Paul Martin tells us)
6:52 - Conservative ad
7:37 - We are told to "Demand Better," and to do that, presumably, by voting Conservative.
7:49 - Paul Martin tells us that "we look out for one another." By the cottage.
8:03 - Conservative ad.

Liberal ads: http://liberal.ca/campaign_ads_e.aspx
Conservative ads: http://www.conservative.ca/english/ads.asp
NDP ad: http://ndp.ca.bentobox.net/uploaded/20040521170632_NDPideasen.mov

Posted by: Peter Jaworski | 2004-05-31 8:07:36 PM

Only one more ad during the third period:
8:34 - An ad for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Total tally: Four Conservative ads, two for the Liberals, and one for the NDP.

Posted by: Peter Jaworski | 2004-05-31 9:06:18 PM

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