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Friday, May 28, 2004

Scott Reid - not a gaffe

Contrary to media attempts to find a gaffe, what Scott Reid said was not one. People in Quebec don't lay awake at night wondering if they'll be served in French at a Post Office in Vegreville if Harper gets elected. Nor do they care how many kids are in French immersion in Toronto. Quebec wants the Federal government to stop interfering in provincial affairs where it has no business.

And Paul Martin, is, to say the very least, a hypocrite:

"If anybody has to ask is there a difference of opinion as to the kind of Canada that we want and the kind of Canada Mr. Harper wants, I think that this is an indication of what that's all about," Martin said in Victoria.

Martin moved to Montreal four decades ago and became fluently bilingual. He has been a staunch defender of French-language rights since then.

"This is a question of principle," he said. "I find it quite disappointing that Mr. Harper was unable to express himself on what I really do think is an essential foundation of the way in which we look at the country."

"I support official bilingualism. I support it unequivocally. I support minority language rights and I support them unequivocally."

No you don't, you fool. The forced amalgamation of small Anglo municipalities in Quebec also extinguished their rights to English services. I don't care about such things myself, living in solidly francophone Gatineau, but many Anglos were not at all happy about it. To my knowledge, you, Paul Martin, have said nothing whatsoever in their defense. All this sudden passion about theoretical minor tinkering with bilingual requirements in the federal civil service is rank hypocrisy.

And in any case it's not a gaffe. It's a bored national media overreaching to find a "gotcha" moment.

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As they say on the Rush Limbaugh Show, "ditto!"

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2004-05-28 9:19:30 AM

"He has been a staunch defender of French-language rights since then."

What a load of bull.

Official bilingualism has NOTHING to do with "French-language rights". Trudeau's idea was to shut up Quebec separatists by saying to them: "You guys speak French? So what? Everyone in Canada's doing it."

What irritates us unbelievers in the holy grail of bilingualism is the fact that we all have to shell out extra tax money and reduce government efficiency for this totally transparent ploy. Nobody actually WANTS to force Quebec to speak English (except for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog).

Mainstream media is getting dumber by the minute.

Posted by: Kelvin Chan | 2004-05-28 10:51:48 AM

Is it really true that Paul Martin only became bilingual after moving to Québec? I thought that Paul Martin Sr. was a Franco-Ontarian.

Posted by: Marc | 2004-05-28 2:41:44 PM

Clearly his father was a francophone, but I believe his French was fairly weak before he moved to Quebec. He must have spoken some French at a young age, though, or one would expect he would speak with more of an accent. But I can't say for sure as I didn't know the man then.

Posted by: Kevin Jaeger | 2004-05-28 3:37:10 PM

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