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Friday, May 21, 2004

Roundup Ready

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Monsanto's patent claims regarding "Roundup Ready" rapeseed in a dispute with Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser. In a CBC Newsworld interview, Mr. Schmeiser claims the ruling also exposes Monsanto to liability for future contamination of farmers' crops.

(Ghost of a flea)

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I''ll admit to being a bit conflicted on this issue. I don't have problems with seed patents, so long as non-patented varieties are widely available.

The idea that Monsanto could enter his fields without permission or a warrant, to test for the seed, troubles me.

But this was the wrong case to take to the Supreme Court. Mr. Schmeiser's story about accidental contamination of his fields was pretty flimsy, and it undermined the integrity of the case.

It was pretty hard to cheer for someone who was in all likelihood, lying. The cast of characters he picked up on his journey further tainted his cause.

Posted by: Kate | 2004-05-21 1:24:20 PM

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